AC Milan Enters Esports Through QLASH Partnership

Soccer club AC Milan has announced its entry into esports through a strategic partnership with Italian organization QLASH. The new team will compete under the name AC MILAN QLASH, participating in both FIFA and Brawl Stars – games in which QLASH already fields rosters. AC MILAN QLASH will appear at the Brawl Stars World Finals later this month.

Over the last two years, many soccer clubs have begun their foray into esports by first participating in the FIFA competitive space. However, some such as Paris Saint-Germain have expanded that scope through a partnership with an existing esports organization with established rosters (LGD Gaming’s Dota 2 roster in this case). PSG Esports in particular has continued its esports expansion outside of its LGD partnership, and will in fact compete alongside AC MILAN QLASH at the Brawl Stars World Finals.