All-Female League Of Legends Team Announced By Team Singularity

Team Singularity turns heads yet again with their recent release of a new European League of Legends team to represent their organization.

But what makes this announcement unique is that it’s an all-female team, which changes things up a bit. Team Singularity introduces six talented professional gamers into their organization to be the full frontal face of their organization for the competitive scene of League of Legends.


*Adelina “Cathrine” Nälsén

*Ida “Emprez” Pedersen

*Joanna “Ravea” Kinga Janeczek

*Anette “Pjush” Holm

*Popescu “Ali” Alexandra Cristina

*Katarzyna “Ayrine” Gadowska

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Team Singularity CEO, Atle S. Stehouwer, gave the newly-introduced and former players a warm welcome, assured that success was right around the corner for the organization and the all-female roster:

“I’m pleased to announce that we have decided to once again open our Female League of Legends team and have teamed up with three of our former players to make a competitive roster we believe have what it takes to get on top of the European female scene. This is the first step of a bigger plan trying to aid the consistency of the female League of Legends scene and community, but more on that matter in the end of January.”

Old-time players Adelina Nälsén and Anette Holm of Team Singularity expressed great excitement for the new roster and journey with the organization:

“After taking a few months break from playing I am very excited to be doing this again, and of course it feels even better that it is with girls and an organization I know and trust. I am quite hopeful for the team ,and lastly, I am happy to be back in Singularity where I know I will always have a place,” stated Adelina.

Anette echoed that enthusiasm. “With two new players, we have worked through a lot to get here and I’m hoping that it will all pay off and that we do well. It is good to be back in a place I am familiar with and trust!”

An all-female esports team is a rarity in this day and age, with only quite a few groups being present now. By and large, men still dominate the scene. But with 2020 being a new decade, it’s only right that with it comes more new changes. For Team Singularity, this isn’t the first time they’ve decided to add a female team to their organization.

Team Singularity had an all-female team in the past named Singularity Female, which included the newly-introduced players now, Cathrine, Ida, and Ravea. But in the roster’s activity last year, the team participated in the Women’s Esport League Division 1: Division 1 and placed fourth out of eight teams. With the evident success the team had in their League of Legends competitive run, it took half a year for the ceased team to come back and for natural standards to break, yet again.

This is a major step for equality in the esports scene. We’re getting closer to a more widespread adoption of gender inclusive practices across games.

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