Alliance take a 96-minute game one victory and move forward in OMEGA League

OMEGA League: Europe Immortal Division entered its playoff stages today and after the elimination of by Team Liquid, another lower bracket series would follow as Alliance and would fight for their tournament lives.

Having had an extremely poor run through the group stage of
the event, managing to only secure two victories and having to fight in a
play-in stage series to make it into the playoffs., on the other hand,
were able to win three of their five group stage matchups and avoid the play-in
bracket and they would be hoping to make a lower bracket run as the two teams
went head-to-head today.

The series was absolutely amazing between the two teams, if
only for the 96-minute game one, which saw fights going back-and-forth and
neither team wanting to back down at any moment. At one stage it was Alliance
who held a net worth lead of over 15,000 but at another point in the game the advantage was close to 20,000 – with Indji “Shad” Lub’s Drow Ranger having
a total net worth of 58,000 by the end of the game. However, it was not
who managed to find the win as Alliance were able to find the perfect chance to
squeak out the victory.

Game two was far tamer between the two teams as Linus “Limmp”
Blomdin’s Timbersaw became absolutely unstoppable and pummeled the GG call out
of Gustav “s4” Magnusson’s Bloodseeker was also on the frontlines as
hhis Bloodseeker was able to set up perfectly for the rest of his team to
secure the late 2-0 victory and push Alliance through into the next round of lower
bracket action at OMEGA League: EU Immortal Division.

With that, both teams that made it through the play-in stage
of the event have now moved forward in the lower bracket, with joining as the first two teams eliminated in the playoffs. Tomorrow OMEGA
League moves into the upper bracket with Team Nigma taking on OG before Team
Secret and Evil Geniuses battle.

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