Apex dataminer explains the "meteor" players saw is just a bugged airstrike

Sometimes, fiction is just more interesting than the truth.

An Apex player found a mysterious “meteor” in World’s Edge yesterday and left the community speculating what could have caused it. Dataminer That1MiningGuy shed some light on the issue and guarantees that it’s just a misplaced rocket from Gibraltar’s ultimate.

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Hello! As most of you know, maybe, maybe not, today I made it my mission to track down a bug that I’d seen one time before in game, and one time in a video that someone sent me on twitter, that had once again revealed itself this morning.

According to him, the occurrence was caused by wrong behavior on the legend’s ultimate and the tools it uses to randomize the locations of the rockets in the area of effect. The core functioning of the skill is based on two interlocked parts that work as intended “99% of the time,” but throwing the beacon in some locations can cause rockets to fly diagonally instead of vertically.

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