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Huya-owned streaming platform Nimo TV announced via its official social media channels that it is shutting down its operations in Brazil. The decision was taken due to ‘several international factors that run out of our control’, an announcement said.

It is unclear how existing deals with streamers, organisations and partners will be dealt with. Esports Insider is contacting sources connected to the story and will update the story with more details as new facts come to light.

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Nimo TV is a streaming paltform popular across Asia. It has conducted operations in Brazil since 2018, focusing mainly on mobile games like Garena’s Free Fire and MOONTON’s Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

It was the birthplace of famous local streamers and organisations like LOUD.

It has maintained a partnership with Riot Games since 2021 for the broadcast of official Wild Rift and League of Legends tournaments. In 2020, Nimo TV had 60 percent of its global audience based in Brazil.

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Esports Insider says: This is an unexpected move by Huya as Nimo had a huge portion of its market share in Brazil. The entrance of Garena-owned BOOYAH! to the scene may have proven too large of a blow. It is hard to draw conclusions until more facts come to light, but as ‘international factors’ outside of its control were mentioned, the answer may perhaps lie outside the esports/gaming world.

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