Caster and Analyst "MonteCristo" Is Leaving The Overwatch League

Long-time esports caster and analyst Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles announced on Twitter in a series of posts that he will be leaving his position with the Overwatch Lague before 2020’s beginning. For many esports fans, Monte has been a positive figure in everything from League of Legends to Overwatch League, and now with he is leaving Overwatch to pursue other endeavors.

In his Twitter post, he stated that the departure of Nate Nanzer from OWL led to irreconcilable creative and philosophical differences between myself and the league’s current leadership.” It seems as though not all of the changes that the Overwatch League has been making are in line with the views of casters, analysts, and hosts. Nate Nanzer was the commissioner for the Overwatch League since its beginning in 2017, and earlier this year he left Activision Blizzard and the league to take a position at Epic Games.

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MonteCristo went on to explain how in 2020 he will no longer be producing any Overwatch content and will instead work towards other projects as a producer and creative mind. The dynamic duo of MonteCristo and DOA may be gone from the League, but in November they commentated at the Twitch Rivals League of Legends tournament. Overwatch fans are losing an icon, but MonteCristo has plans beyond that working with every from Cloud9 to founding his own consulting and client service called Theorycraft.

There has been no word from the Overwatch League of Monte’s departure, but numerous casters, players, and organizations have shown their support for his new direction in 2020. Activision Blizzard is launching a new format for the Overwatch League this year adapting a home-and-away format given the success of Homestand events. Overwatch League will be coming to 19 cities around the globe with events catered to the fans and ultimately providing an unmatched esports experience.

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