Dota 2: Newest Update Nerfs Void Spirit, Fixes Snapfire

After waiting for over 3 months, the Outlanders update is finally here. Patch 7.23 features the most amount of changes in years by adding tons of new things. One of these additions is the two new heroes, Void Spirit and Snapfire. Both of them are pretty strong and are doing very well, which is why IceFrog decided that it’s time to release the nerf hammer. To be honest, its surprising that it took a week to do it.

Changes to Void Spirit

According to DotaBuff, Void Spirit is one of the most successful heroes in the Divine/Immortal bracket. Even though the hero is not that easy to play, it seems like the best players are fast learners. Sadly, they will have to cope with some changes.

Void Spirit is a very dangerous hero that is capable of outputting tons of damage. Even though all of his spells are pretty strong, it’s his Resonant Pulse and Dissimilate that stand out. As a result, both of them have been slightly nerfed.

Resonant Pulse now has a 2-second longer cooldown and costs 10 more mana to use. In addition, Void Spirit’s level 15 talent now gives 50 less damage to Resonant Pulse than before, which is quite a significant nerf.

Dissimilate, on the other hand, only gets a 20 damage reduction.

Changes to Snapfire

Snapfire seems a little bit more balanced in comparison to Void Spirit. The hero is fun to play but it seems like he doesn’t have an established position yet. We’ve seen him everywhere from position five to a safe lane carry.

The small update features only one change for the hero. The issues where Lil’ Shredder’s charges were not consumed when Snapfire’s passives were disabled is now fixed.

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