Dr Disrespect attacks mobile gaming – "you have the guts to tell me mobile gaming is a serious thing?"

Dr Disrespect has done it again. With one tweet, the popular broadcaster has brought forth thousands of comments in both anger and adoration as he attacks mobile gaming. In a tweet on November 26th, the ex-Twitch and now YouTube streamer bragged about his computer setup in detail before concluding with the punchline, “and you have the guts to tell me mobile gaming is a serious thing?”

This isn’t the first time the Doc has attacked mobile gaming and certainly won’t be the last.

Once again mobile players took up arms though as several prominent players in the mobile gaming & esports scene made challenges to Dr Disrespect with pretty substantial sums of money.

A Call of Duty player who competes from mobile offered to 1v1 Doc for $100,000 using his phone while Doc used his computer.

juicyfruitz, the captain of XSET’s PUBG Mobile division also called out Dr Disrespect in a more direct and aggressive manner with comments about mobile gaming being “to difficult for your old crusty as* fingers to navigate.” He finished things up by calling Doc an old man.

Mobile content creator Elijah Jackson also joined the fray with an initial tweet about how his $600 phone can do what the Doc has a $200,000 setup for before offering Dr Disrespect a challenge. “COD Mobile is on PC and cross platform, 1v1 me. 10k on the line. Anywhere, anytime.”

Whether or not Dr Disrespect will jump on any of these challenges is unknown, but for now it has certainly worked up some mobile fans and competitors which we’re sure he’s loving.

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