FLASHPOINT: first round of matches complete, Chaos & HAVU net surprising wins

The first round of matches is over for FLASHPOINT 1 and they’re not all what you may have expected.

HAVU upset a hot looking MAD Lions in their Group A opener while Chaos pulled off a strong victory over MIBR in Group B. Copenhagen Flames kept it close in their first map against c0ntact but fell 19-16 and were unable to put up much a fight in the second, losing 16-5.

Gen.G and Envy battled it out a three map series to open up their event with Gen.G taking the first map in OT before dropping map two 16-13 and setting up Mirage for map three. Gen.G would ultimately close it out 16-9 and 2-1 for the series.

Dignitas showed poise in a narrow 2-1 over Orgless in Group C after losing their opening map to show they’ve still got some composure left in the tank.

Cloud9 took a loss in their first map of FLASHPOINT 1, but managed to bounce back. Taking on FunPlus Phoenix, the North American side pulled away with a 22-20 double OT victory to send it to a third map where they’d dominate the Danish lineup 16-3.

Records after the first round of matches:

Group A:

  • c0ntact 1-0
  • HAVU 1-0
  • MAD LIONS 0-1
  • Copenhagen Flames 0-1

Group B:

  • Chaos 1-0
  • Gen.G 1-0
  • Envy 0-1
  • MIBR 0-1

Group C:

  • Cloud9 1-0
  • Dignitas 1-0
  • Orgless 0-1
  • FunPlus Phoenix 0-1

Round two matches / schedule:


  • MAD Lions vs. Copenhagen Flames
  • HAVU vs. c0ntact


  • Envy vs. MIBR
  • Gen.G vs. Chaos


  • Orgless vs. FunPlus Phoenix
  • Dignitas vs. Cloud9

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