Frosty Fest returns to Rocket League with rewards for the holiday season

The annual winter event in Rocket League, Frosty Fest, is back for the 2019 holiday season. Debuting in 2017, Frosty Fest decorates Rocket League with holiday-themed aesthetics. More important, however, are the season rewards players are able to earn for the duration of the event. For this year, Frosty Fest starts on Dec. 16 and ends on Jan. 6. Once the event ends, the rewards disappear with it. So, if you want to secure your holiday skins, make sure to get some playtime in before the first week of the new year ends.

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    Tis the season for Frosty Fest! The coolest in-game event returns next week! Details: 

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    The Frosty Fest rewards

    While the event does add a nice look to Rocket League, what everyone is interested in are cosmetics. Frosty Fest always delivers some great, one-of-a-kind cosmetic items that players can earn by simply playing Rocket League.

    The system that Rocket League uses for its in-game season events is pretty simple. Through playtime, players will unlock a seasonal currency — for Frosty Fest it’s Snowflakes — and that currency can be used to buy the event cosmetics.

    In this year’s Frosty Fest, there are 13 total rewards available. Here’s what they are and how many Snowflakes they cost:

    • Xmas Lights Trail (Free)
    • Xmas Lights Banner (75)
    • Silent Knight Player Title (75)
    • Gingerbread House Topper (75)
    • Happy New Year Topper (75)
    • Happy Holidays Avatar Border (100)
    • Snowman Avatar Border (100)
    • Sleet Creeps Octane Decal (100)
    • Snow Devil Breakout Decal (100)
    • Xmas Lights Boost (120)
    • Arboreal Nightmare Dominus Decal (120)
    • Gift Storm Decal (120)
    • Mistletoe Wheels (150)
    • The Xmas Lights Trail available in Frosty Fest

      In addition to the listed rewards, you can also exchange Snowflakes for Golden Gifts. The Golden Gifts contain randomized items from the Zephyr, Impact, and Overdrive Blueprint series. Once you purchase a Golden Gift, you will automatically receive an item from one of those series, so no further purchase is required.

      This year’s Frosty Fest is sure to be a great event for all Rocket League fans to enjoy. Regardless of the ongoing Item Shop controversy, Frosty Fest should be a fun way to wind down 2019 and break in the new year.

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