Garter leaves Dota 2 for League of Legends

Ylli ‘Garter’ Ramdani has confirmed his retirement from the
Dota 2 competitive scene as he announces that he will be moving his efforts
into League of Legends.

In the last few weeks there has been a fair amount of back-and-forth between the Dota 2 and League of Legends scenes, stemming from a few Tweets from players. With those comments which begun the heated debate in mind, one player has decided to end his long Dota 2 career and move his focus into LoL instead. In a TwitLonger post from earlier today, Garter went into some details about his concerns and issues with the current Dota 2 scene, before confirming that he would be leaving that game behind.

Garter, a long-time and well-known player in multiple Dota 2
teams including the likes of Team Leviathan, MangoBay and No Logic Gaming, to
name but a few, has stated a host of reasons in the post for his decision.
Beginning with a look at the way in which the tier 2 teams have very little in
the way of competitive opportunities, the poaching of tier 1 teams but mainly
touching on the toxic nature of players in the pub-game community as his
decisions for leaving Dota 2.

There have been so many changes and inconsistencies that result in either one hour queue times or extremely unbalanced free-for-alls. I am a 2 account 8kmmr player (top 100 EU on two accounts) but I can not play my role because X random 4kmmr guy decides that he is somehow more important and takes it. This is mostly coz ppl are tired of the system, the constant changes and general toxic community.”

Garter continued on to state that he could be the first ever
Dota 2 pro player to go pro for LoL too, which seems that it could be true,
although he has barely made it through the process of unlocking the ranked
options in LoL.

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