IEM New York EU invites revealed

ESL has revealed six invited teams for the upcoming IEM New York Europe event. The list is stacked with talent as BIG, Vitality, FaZe, fnatic, and more are set to compete.

North America, CIS, and Europe will each have their own event with the prize pools of $60,000, $50,000, and $140,000 respectively for a total of $250,000. The European iteration of IEM New York: Online will not have RMR points up for grabs and will be for the prize purse only.

A total of 12 teams will compete in both the North America and CIS tournament while Europe will feature eight. Eight teams have already been invited to NA/CIS with the remaining four slots to be filled from qualifiers set to be held in the regions. In Europe six teams have now been invited, leaving only two spots remaining for the region which will be filled via a four-team closed qualifier.

The tournament will be played with two double-elimination groups in all regions which will culminate into a single-elimination playoff bracket.

Team list for IEM New York EU:


North America team list:

LiquidEvil Geniuses
Gen.G100 Thieves

CIS team list:

SpiritHard Legion
WinstrikeGambit Youngsters

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