MTG Theros: Beyond Death's Nyx Lotus ascends Devotion

The Devotion mechanic in Theros: Beyond Death (THB) could surge to new heights with today’s spoiler, Nyx Lotus. 

On its surface, Nyx Lotus seems like a halfway decent mana producer within the MTG Commander format. As a Legendary Artifact, it comes in tapped and can’t be used without a ramp source until turn five. But there are ways around Nyx Lotus’ weaknesses that may prove beneficial.

Nyx Lotus plays off the Devotion mechanic, a prominent theme in THB, along with the new Escape mechanic. The artifact has two major weaknesses, though. It comes in tapped and costs four colorless mana to cast. Outside of the Commander format, these hindrances make Nyx Lotus difficult to play in other Magic formats, even in a sideboard. 

Entering tapped can be solved with Manifold Key. But in using Manifold Key, or Corridor Monitor, the deck should be crafted around Artifacts. In a Control or Midrange deck, however, Nyx Lotus coming in tapped during the later stages of a match isn’t too much of a hindrance—and it’ll produce major results during the following turn. 

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