NBCLX Introduces Esports Programming

NBCLX, a streaming network owned by NBCUniversal, has added esports to its programming lineup. The service is aimed at millennials and generation Z, and is available to watch on a multitude of streaming sites. The esports introduction will bring in themed events and tournaments, taking place over the 2020 holiday season and into 2021.

Starting on November 16th, NBCLX will feature esports programming from esports channel ESR, which often broadcasts games like Apex Legends, CS:GO, League of Legends, and Call of Duty: Warzone. Holiday-themed events will also go live on the streaming service, starting with “Thanksgaming,” where siblings, cousins, and friends compete in video games and trivia quizzes.

“Age of Coronavirus” will begin on November 22nd, in which host Chase Kuertz will discuss adjusting to the COVID-19 pandemic with esports professionals. “Holiday Smash” will see family and friends compete in video games and holiday-appropriate challenges, beginning on December 11th. “Toast with the Most” will have the best competitors from previous game events compete against each other, beginning on December 28th.

In 2021, NBCLX will broadcast “Playing with Words,” where the event’s yet-unnamed host will invite a friend over for games and a discussion. “Kills, Thrills, and Chills” will likely take place near Halloween, and will see competitors try to play and complete the scariest video games without screaming.

“We are thrilled for NBCLX to present esports competitive entertainment to our audiences for the very first time,” says NBCLX VP of content strategy Matt Goldberg. “Esports is a global phenomenon. We cannot wait to welcome the esports community and fans to our network.”

NBCLX launched in 2019, aimed at engaging the highly sought-after young adult audience. The service is available through its own website, along with Roku, Apple TV, YouTube TV, and Fubo TV, as well as in 43 US markets.

“NBCLX is smart to engage the exploding eSports audience,” says Wendy Wang, CEO of ESR. “Our high-quality but down-to-earth, home-brew entertainment will connect with ordinary gamers and non-gamers, as opposed to flashy shows focused only on elite players.”

NBCLX’s esports programming is available to stream now. The service will broadcast different gaming events through the end of this year, and into 2021.

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