OPPO Signs a Strategic Partnership With TJ Sports for China’s Wild Rift Pro League – The Esports Observer

Update: TJ Sports tells The Esports Observer that the deal with OPPO covers all Wild Rift esports competitions in China, not just the “WPL.”  Further, it says that the “WPL” English name has not been finalized and may change to something else at a later date. 

The deal between OPPO and TJ Sports for Wild Rift will start from June 2021 until H1 2023, which means the deal is a two-year partnership. 

Original Story: Chinese smartphone maker OPPO hosted a new product release conference Thursday in Qinhuangdao for its OPPO Reno 6 product series. During the event, OPPO announced that the company has signed a three-year strategic partnership deal with China’s League of Legends esports operator TJ Sports, becoming the official partner of the League of Legends Wild Rift Pro League (WPL) from now until 2023. 

OPPO’s Reno 6 Pro+ will serve as the WPL’s official equipment for players. WPL is China’s top Wild Rift esports professional competition, which is similar to the League of Legends Pro League (LPL). OPPO is also one of the official sponsors of LPL, as well as the long-term global partner of Riot Games’ global event, the League of Legends World Championship, Mid-Season Invitational, and All-Star events. 

On May 20, Tencent opened the alpha test of Wild Rift in mainland China, and made it available only available for Android users. It should be noted that OPPO is also the official partner of Tencent’s top Peacekeeper Elite competition, Peace Elite League (PEL), and  Reno 6 Pro+ is also the official equipment.

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