Overwatch League leaks RAin to Los Angeles Valiant

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The Los Angeles Valiant are about to experience some rough weather and good healing, according to the Overwatch League. An article posted by the league earlier today lists Park “RAin” Jae-ho as a player on the Valiant. The support was released from the Florida Mayhem in October, but neither he nor the Los Angeles Valiant had announced his next steps.

The Overwatch League article, posted today, asks numerous players about the origins of their in-game names or battletags. In addition to their responses and full names, the article lists the team each player hails from. RAin is clearly listed with “Valiant” next to his name and response. 

RAin was picked up by the Florida Mayhem midway through the Overwatch League’s second season. He was a former player for O2 Blast and Revenant before joining the Mayhem. RAin mostly acted as a substitute support during the Mayhem’s reconstruction—Florida made the move to an all-Korean roster throughout the second season. 

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