Power Rankings With IBM Watson Coming to The Overwatch League for the Upcoming Season – The Esports Observer

Gamers and esports fans often look for those “300 IQ” plays made by their favorite teams and players and now they will get much more. Today the Overwatch League announced that it has brought on IBM’s Watson to answer the question of which teams are the best in the league.

Power Rankings with IBM Watson uses several AI algorithms—developed by a team of data scientists at IBM along with experts at the league—to evaluate, compare, contrast, and analyze the enormous amount of data that comes from playing the game. Every match in the league will be scrutinized by Watson in developing a ranking of the teams and top individual performers that will be published each week on the OWL website.

The power rankings will be updated and posted each Monday during the 2021 season, with more in-depth analysis following on Wednesdays. Because it is an AI machine that uses a learning algorithm—it gets better as the season progresses, according to IBM.

Previously, there had been statistical insights provided by the league such as Player Impact Rating, teamfight win rates, and others.   

For a full explanation of how Watson IBM is going to do its work, you can watch the explanation video here.

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