Redeemer joins Team Reciprocity's coaching staff

Taylor “Redeemer” Mayeur is one of the biggest names in the North American division of the Rainbow Six Pro League. While Redeemer hasn’t held an active roster role since last March, the former pro has transitioned to a new role by joining Team Reciprocity’s coaching staff. 

Fans will undoubtedly recognize Redeemer from his time spent on Spacestation Gaming before being moved to a streamer and substitute role. The former pro is no stranger to shifting in and out of various roles, as is indicated by his increasingly diverse portfolio. Redeemer made his casting debut during DreamHack Montreal 2019 and his performance was met with much praise from the community at large.

Taylor on Twitter

A new chapter begins! So incredibly excited to be working alongside such a great group of guys! Big things to come 🔥

Following his casting debut, Redeemer chose to pursue a coaching role on Rogue. Redeemer was set to replace longtime Rogue coach Tristan “Ranger” Pehrson. Unfortunately, Rogue was relegated immediately after Redeemer announced his involvement with the organization. Since then, things were up in the air in regard to where Redeemer would land. Given the veteran’s talent and coaching offer from Rogue, it makes a great deal of sense that another team would look to add him to its coaching staff. 

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