Riot is planning to nerf Aphelios already

Less than two weeks after being released, Aphelios is set to receive minor nerfs in time for League of Legends Patch 9.24b.

The five-weapon wielding AD carry has come out of the gates swinging. His win rate might not be anything to write home about just yet, but his damage potential and his ability to swing a game into his favor can’t be ignored.

It’s early days for Aphelios and his innate complexity means players have had a hard time finding their groove with the champion. But it’s clear that some aspects of his kit are still a little too strong, according to Riot. He isn’t dominating the ladders just yet, but that could change in the weeks and months to come, similar to other previously underestimated champions. 

To hold Aphelios back before he gets out of control, Riot is targeting his Infernum-empowered ultimate and his Calibrum-empowered marks. They aren’t the biggest changes and they shouldn’t affect his standing too much, but they’ll set him back a peg or two. 

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