Sett, Lux, and Syndra disabled for first week of LEC

The opening week of Europe’s LEC 2020 Spring Split will feature a cut-down pool of champions. According to LEC Operations Lead Maximilian “MAXtheX” Schmidt, Sett, Syndra, and Lux will be disabled for play.

Why Sett won’t be available is pretty clear: the champion just launched and teams haven’t had enough chance to practice him yet. With his power level a bit over the top too, Sett has also been the butt of many “Sett is OP” clips on Reddit hinting that yes, maybe he does need some more time before he makes the LEC stage.

Apart from that, Sett exhibits many game-altering bugs himself, like champions getting stuck to him for the rest of the game.

As for Lux and Syndra, they are “suffering from potentially game-altering bugs for competitive play,” Schmidt says. While he did not provide any details as to what these bugs are, Lux’s disabling likely has to do with her ultimate’s damage not going through targets as intended. Syndra’s on the other hand, is likely about her W able to cancel teleports by aligning the W cast with the teleport’s completion.

These three champions are also likely to be disabled for the LCS too, since the league starts on the same weekend.

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