Sett shows cocky employee why he's "the Boss" in new League short story

A new short story released today on the League of Legends website exemplifies Sett’s management style—and he certainly rules with an iron fist.

Fans previously got insight into how upcoming juggernaut Sett made his way from a “half-beast” pit fighter to the person running the show. And now, we’ve found out what happens to the poor souls who challenge the Boss.

“Big head, bad news” begins with the seemingly mundane inner workings of the pit. Sett delegates his workers, making sure there are enough big bodies guarding the profits, while he prepares for a jam-packed audience “hankering for blood.”

Sett’s star combatant, Prahn the Flayer, drew a record-breaking crowd of bloodthirsty spectators who want to see the fighter’s infamous whip sword in action. The Flayer knows how to put on a show—and how to kill. The viper-like weapon coils and whirls through the air as it quickly makes worm’s meat of the Shuriman challenger, whose name clearly isn’t important enough for Sett to remember.

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