Smash Ultimate Gamecube Controller looks set for a re-release Jan. 2020

The highly sought after Nintendo Switch Gamecube controller for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate could be seeing a restock in late 2020 in certain countries.

Early in the morning, Nintendo U.K.’s store website allowed fans in the country to pre-order the controller, which hasn’t been available since it sold out late last year, with hopes of shipping it out in Jan. 2020.

The news will be a welcome one for players and pros alike who have been dying to get the controller for themselves. The last crop of controller sold out fast and was sold, and continue to be sold, for ridiculous prices on reselling websites like eBay.

Granted, not every country seems to have a pre-order option available at the moment and anyone wanting to use the controller with the Switch will also need to own the GameCube controller adapter for it to work.

Let’s hope Nintendo also restocks the adapter in the future, as it is as expensive, if not more expensive to buy, then the controller was.

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