Sona, Lulu, and Karma are receiving buffs in League Patch 10.2

Riot is targetting support champions in its League of Legends patch 10.2, buffing Sona, Lulu, and Karma.

The support role has taken a back burner in the 2020 season, with top and mid lane champions leading the way. A few outliers have made their way up the rankings, but the impact of the role has been underwhelming. 

To counter the support champions irrelevance in the metagame and thrust the role back into a stronger position, Riot is buffing some of the most iconic ones.

Sona—with the highest win rate of the three—is receiving changes to her Song of Celerity (E) ability, increasing her haste percentage for allies from 10 to 14 (+3 percent/100AP) to 10 to 16 (+4 percent/100AP), and her personal haste from 10 to 14 (+3 percent/100AP) to 25 percent (+4 percent/100AP). The changes will make her a speed demon, allowing her to reposition in a team fight to get off the perfect ultimate, or to roam for a mid lane gank. It will also mean she’ll be safer from ganking in the bot lane, giving her the potential to run away with ease. 

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