The 10 best League of Legends players in 2019

League of Legends fans were treated to several intense matches in 2019. Whether it was thanks to full team efforts or individual players, several stars shined over the last 12 months.

We decided to rank the 10 best League players of the year based on a number of different factors. Mechanical skill, champion pool—including how it impacted the drafting phase—consistency throughout the year, the ability to adapt in an individual game or series, and the player’s role in facilitating their team’s success will all be taken into consideration.

The best players on this list should have a healthy combination of the previously-mentioned criteria. Attributes like mechanical skill may take the upper hand in some situations, but how a player impacts his team’s success is also important.

Here are the top 10 League players of 2019, their accomplishments, their skill set, and what drove them to succeed this year.

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