The Game Awards add more esports categories, voting is live

The annual global celebration of video games, The Game Awards has finally released this year’s nominees for their December show. This year, esports and content creators received multiple new and unique categories for fans to vote on. With eight categories for esports and multiplayer games, it is going to be an exciting event for fans of all types of games.

Geoff Keighley and The Game Awards team released the full list of categories and nominees on the official Twitter account. Categories include Best Content Creator, Best Esport Athlete, Best Esports Coach, Best Esports Event, Best Esports Game, Best Esports Host, and Best Esports Team. 2019’s The Game Awards show had only six categories, showing the growing influence that esports is having on gaming as a whole.

The biggest esports categories at this year’s Game Awards

Content creators who were nominated all were chosen for their positive impact on their communities. Nominees include Alanah Pearce, Jay Ann Lopez, Nickmercs, TimTheTatman, and Valkyrae.

Best Esports Athlete include Ian “Crimsix” Porter for Call of Duty, Heo “Showmaker” Su for League of Legends, Kim “Canyon” Geon-Bu for League of Legends, Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro for Call of Duty, and Matthieu “Zywoo” Herbaut for CS:GO.

In the Best Esport Game category, The Game Awards looked at the games that delivered the best esports experience to players. That experience can include tournaments, community supports, and updates to the game. Nominees for this category include Fortnite, Valorant, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Voting will continue until December 9 at 6 PM where votes will be tallied up and sent to a jury to determine the winners. The jury holds most of the voting weight, 90%, while fan voting holds 10%. Determining the winner this way helps prevent voting results from being manipulated or “socially engineered” by overeager fans.

The Game Awards will broadcast on Dec. 10 across three stages world-wide, London, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. This year’s show will be completely online, with more options for watching than before. Viewers can tune in on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

For a full list of all the categories and nominees to this year’s The Game Awards, make sure to check out the official site.

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