VALORANT Ion skin collection released – pictures

The Reaver skins are making their exit from the VALORANT item shop and their replacements are debuting in fashion. The new Ion skin collection has been released with the individual weapon skin pricing of 1,775VP while the melee is double the cost at 3,550VP.

If you want to grab the bundle as a whole, the “premium edition” will only set you back a whopping 7,100VP.

Included in the bundle:


  • Phantom
  • Sheriff
  • Bucky
  • Operator
  • Melee
  • Ion Player Card
  • Spray
  • Gun Buddy

Made to contrast the Reaver skin collection, Art Lead Sean Marino says the skins were inspired by Syd Mead, Daniel Simon, and other artists in order to provide a “fully-fledged white sci-fi skin.”

The Ion skins go live today, November 11th and will be available for players to grab from the in-game store.

Want an early look? We’ve provided pictures below.






Gun buddy:

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