World first: Path of Exile new end game boss killed by WoW pro player

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The 3.9 patch in Path of Exile, dubbed Conquerors of the Atlas, brought a lot of changes to the core of the game and a fresh new League, called Metamorph. 

A complete overhaul for the atlas mechanic and more importantly brand new endgame content. The Shaper and the Elder have been overthrown by a group of exiles, who now reign over Wraeclast as supreme powerful bosses, led by the Awakener, the ultimate challenge that the game is throwing now at its ever growing player base.

After a hugely successful Exilecon, held in New Zealand, home of Grinding Gear Games, where the 3.9 patch was previewed along with the PoE 2 early build, the developers partnered with Zizaran, a hugely influential PoE streamer and member of Method, with the purpose of offering an exciting race for the Awakener first world kill.

“This December we’re teaming up with community streamer Zizaran to host a huge boss kill event where Path of Exile’s best players can compete to kill the hardest boss in Conquerors of the Atlas while playing in Hardcore, Solo Self-found mode. Alongside the US$30,000 cash that Zizaran will award to winners, we have provided $23,750 of some of Path of Exile’s best microtransactions.”

The prize pool was split as follows :

  • First Place: $8000
  • Second Place: $4000
  • Third Place: $2000
  • Fourth-fifteenth Place: $500
  • First Atziri Kill: $500 (in the Apex of Sacrifice, not Temple of Atzoatl)
  • First Uber Atziri Kill: $2000
  • First Shaper Kill: $1000
  • First Elder Kill: $500 (was initially incorrectly listed as $1000)
  • First Uber Elder Kill: $2000
  • Deepest Delve: $4000 (calculated one month after the league starts)

Method, an esports organization that mainly focuses on WoW races, have also jumped in to support not only their PoE team, but also the community, by streaming the race on around the clock.

This announcement set the stage for an absolutely memorable race, given the fact that the format required that the players played in Solo Self Found Hardcore mode, which meant that they couldn’t trade for better gear, they could only progress with whatever they found on their own, and dying once meant rerolling a new character from scratch.

This format is not unusual to PoE, every new league, launched roughly at a 3 months interval, introduces some new game mechanics and resets the leader board for a fresh new race to the endgame. However, the new Atlas mechanic and the brand new bosses made this race particularly enticing for both competitors and the entire community alike.

We will skip the intricacies of the game and the current meta, as PoE can get quite complicated very fast, and dash straight to the result of the race.

To reach the final boss, the players have to undergo a hefty grind that constantly throws a lot of deadly challenges at them. The Uber Awakener, as dubbed by the community, requires a complete maxed out atlas, which provides the 32 watchstones required to spawn him.

All the prominent streamers jumped into the fray and many of them got crushed multiple times by the new end game bosses or the volatile creations concocted by the Metamorph League mechanic. 

But one of them found the path to victory after 5 days, 15 hours, 24 minutes and 15 seconds.

His ingame name is Darkee, and he should ring familiar to WoW fans, as he tanks for compLexity Limit, a top tier guild, with many world first bosses under their belt, and also competes as damage dealer for Method NA in dungeon tournaments.

He defeated The Awakener with a Summoner build that allowed him to concentrate on dodging the menacing chaos that the encounter spawns.

Although he elected not to stream live the kill itself, invoking the lag that it caused on his end, he recorded the event and provided the VoD for everyone to watch. Along with the bragging rights, he also cashes in
$8,000, a pretty sum for a PoE race.

Watch First HCSSF Awakener Kill !awakener for PoB from Lightee7 on

The race isn’t over, as there are more objectives to conquer and more cash to be earned.

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