Fortnite Wolverine Guide: Where To Find The Trask Transport Truck (Week 5)

Fortnite Week 5 challenges are here and that means another Wolverine task is available to complete. This week’s challenges ask you to locate a Trask Transport Truck. It’s easy enough to find, but isn’t near a named location. This guide will show you where to find the truck so you can land there and collect the reward with ease.

The Wolverine challenges are separate from the rest of the Season 4 battle pass. You still need to purchase it to participate, but the rewards won’t come as you level up. They’ll come with one-off challenges like this one similar to how Aquaman worked last season.

Where Is The Trask Transport Truck Located?

The Trask Transport Truck is located in the C1 tile of the map. It’s on top of another chunk of earth, like the Black Panther Statue, surrounded by a house and several trees. All you need to do is walk up to it to complete the challenge. There is a gold XP coin located in the truck’s cargo haul, as well. Be sure to collect that when you visit.

The Trask name is a reference to Boliviar Trask, a supervillain from the Marvel comics. His company, Trask Industries, is known for creating the Sentinels (mutant hunting robots) that we see near Lazy Lake on the map. This could be a hinting that the robots in the Sentinel Graveyard may come to life for an in-game event later in the season.

Wolverine is also now present in Fortnite as well–players can head to Weeping Woods to try and fight him. If they succeed they’ll get to use his claws. Similar to Doom’s Gauntlets and other legendary items, his claws give players the ability to deal lot of close-range damage by slashing through enemies.

What Do I Get For Locating The Trask Transport Truck?

You’ll get a new glider variant for the MCG glider. It shows an image of Wolverine on an LCD-like screen. Be sure to keep up with all the weekly Fortnite Wolverine challenges in order to unlock other goodies.

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