Genshin Impact Is Adding An Item To Make Fast Travel More Convenient

When it launched in September, Genshin Impact surprised players with a beautiful open world and a game style not often seen in free-to-play games. Now, developer MiHoYo is looking to change some things that players say have become tedious after almost a month of daily play–including the way fast travel works.

The changes have been announced in a blog post by MiHoYo, as reported by The Gamer, addressing concerns raised in a number of player surveys sent out in-game by the developer. One of these relates to fast travel.

“Traversing the game world is time-consuming, I want to be able to set my own teleport waypoints for areas that I frequently visit,” the summarized player feedback reads. “We have developed an item that provides this kind of function which will be available for free in a new system,” MiHoYo responded. “Travelers can look out for this in Version 1.1!”

While players can use both unlocked Teleport Waypoints and any Statue of the Seven as a fast travel point, some regular destinations such as in-world boss battles require a trek from a teleport point, or a tedious scramble up a cliff.

MiHoYo hasn’t made much other information about the upcoming item available, though a supposed 1.1 patch note leak on Reddit describes a “Portable Teleporter,” which can be placed in any area, essentially serving as an extra Teleport Waypoint for up to 7 days before it expires.

Patch 1.1 is due on November 11, and promises to bring a number of important quality of life updates–including improvements to the much-maligned resin system–as well as a new roster of characters and weapons.

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