Life Is Strange Dev Dontnod Opens New Studio To Work On "Brand-New IP"

Life is Strange developer Dontnod Entertainment has announced that it has opened a new Montréal-based studio to, according to a press release, “work on a brand-new IP.” The new studio will be led by executive producer Luc Baghadoust and creative director Michel Koch.

“With the formation of a new team on another continent, we are writing a new page of Dontnod’s history,” Koch said. “It’s also a new beginning for new characters and original stories that we hope will touch and inspire many players around the world.”

In collaboration with Investissement Québec, Montréal International assisted Dontnod in opening its new studio. “Montréal is recognized as one of the five largest video game production centers in the world,” Montréal International president and CEO Stéphane Paquet said. “We are convinced that the creativity of Montréal talent combined with that of the Dontnod team will result in remarkable projects.”

Dontnod Entertainment is quickly becoming a celebrated voice for representation in the gaming industry with titles like Life is Strange 2 and Tell Me Why–though it would be understandable to see some fans be a bit disappointed that this new studio is working on a brand-new IP as opposed to working on an existing one. With both the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 set to release this year, Dontnod has gone an entire console generation without making a follow-up to its 2013 debut title, Remember Me, which quite a few people have been clamoring for. Though maybe this new studio is working on a new IP so that Dontnod can begin working on that sequel. We’ll have to wait and see.

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