Pokemon Go Celebrates Crown Tundra's Launch With New Galarian Pokemon And Outfits

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Crown Tundra expansion is now live, and Pokemon Go is celebrating the DLC’s release with some new content. Developer Niantic has announced that a few new Galarian Pokemon are now available in the game for a limited time, as are new Crown Tundra-inspired avatar items.

As previously teased, Galarian Ponyta has been added to Pokemon Go. You’ll be able to encounter the new Galarian form in Raid Battles, and if you have enough Ponyta Candy stored up, you can evolve it into Galarian Rapidash.

Galarian Farfetch’d is also appearing once again in the wild, and now you’re able to evolve it into Sirfetch’d. Unlike most other Pokemon, however, Galarian Farfetch’d doesn’t evolve via Candy; rather, you need to make 10 Excellent throws while Galarian Farfetch’d is set as your Buddy in order for it to evolve. These throws don’t need to be made consecutively, so your count won’t reset if you miss or swap Buddy Pokemon.

The aforementioned Pokemon spawns will only be available until 6 PM PT today, October 23, but you’ll still have a chance to get the new monsters after then. Niantic says that you’ll be able to hatch Galarian Ponyta and Galarian Farfetch’d from 7 km following this event, so you’ll still have a chance to add them to your collection.

Additionally, Niantic has added a handful of new avatar items inspired by The Crown Tundra DLC to Pokemon Go’s style shop, including the signature Crown Tundra explorer uniform. These items are available for free, so you won’t need to spend any PokeCoins to claim them. You can read more on the official Pokemon Go website.

Crown Tundra is the second of Pokemon Sword and Shield’s two planned expansions, and it introduces a lot of new content to the Switch Pokemon games, including many new and returning Pokemon, a new Wild Area to explore, and a new storyline. The DLC is bundled together with The Isle of Armor in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass. If you have the pass, here’s how to access the Crown Tundra in Sword and Shield.

In other Pokemon Go news, the game’s Halloween 2020 event kicks off today, October 23. This year’s celebration introduces more new Ghost Pokemon, including Galarian Yamask and costumed versions of Gengar and Sableye. Niantic has also outlined some of Pokemon Go’s November events.

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