10 Best Pets In The Grand Theft Auto Series

The Grand Theft Auto series has always tried to present an experience that to some degree resembles real life. Given that the joy of owning a pet is a critical part of many of our lives, it only makes sense that among all its features, the games also let you encounter pets.

The role of pets has changed substantially as the series has gone on, though. While pets in earlier games were largely ones that you couldn't interact with, Grand Theft Auto 5 lets you see the world through the eyes of one of the character’s pets. It’s a fascinating experience to take a look back through some of the pets that have turned up in Grand Theft Auto games over the years.

9 Tony

Ken Rosenberg is one of the rare characters who appear in multiple Grand Theft Auto games, showing up in San Andreas, Vice City, and Vice City Stories. You encounter Rosenberg, who is Tommy's lawyer and driver, in the first scene of Vice City.

In San Andreas, however, Rosenberg acquires a pet in the form of Tony the parrot. This bird shows up in three San Andreas scenes and is a comic foil, but is also best remembered for insulting Salvatore Leone's henchmen. Colorful and comical, Tony is one amusing pet.

8 Sasha The Dog

An unseen dog in the original Grand Theft Auto, the dog remains in the trunk of a vehicle during her series appearance. The first animal you encounter in the series, Sasha, is owned by the Vercotti Crime Family’s leader.

During the Heist Almighty mission, you receive a call that the dog has been kidnapped, and are told that you need to rescue the dog. If you are successful, you are told that the dog is now in the trunk of your vehicle. Not only is Sasha the first GTA pet ever, but the dog’s kidnapping also pulls at your heartstrings. For an unseen character, this sweet dog is very memorable.

7 The Canary

If you've played Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, you're likely familiar with Toshiko Kasen, the wife of Kazuki Kasen. Dissatisfied with her life as a trophy wife, Kasen releases her pet bird from captivity and then takes her own life, in one of the most memorable parts of the game.

While seen for only a few short moments, Kasen’s bird might be the pet richest in symbolism in the whole series. The canary is allowed to fly away, while Kasen yearns for her own escape.

6 Chop The Dog

Chop is a Rottweiler who appears in both Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA Online. The constant companion of Franklin Clinton, it actually belongs to Lamar Davis. The Rottweiler's nose can detect various collectibles, as well as people.

Chop lives in Franklin’s house in the hills, where the player can sometimes switch to this dog as a playable character. In its mission, you'll even see the world through the dog's perspective. Chop is easily the most evolved and nuanced pet ever featured in a GTA game.

5 Herbie The Astral Goat

The Truth, an old hippie, appears in the woods of Flint County in the second act of San Andreas. While he owns the Mothership van, claims to only travel on his astral goat in the mission Are You Going to San Fierro? Even though Herbie is an imaginary creature, the Truth still claims him as a pet.

If you were to give a GTA pet an award for being the strangest, this goat would almost certainly be the winner. An urban legend exists that the goat was depicted in earlier versions of the game, or can be found in-game files. Others have claimed to have seen Herbie around Mount Chiliad. Neither of these details has been confirmed.

4 Dexie The Dog

Owned by Kerry McIntosh, Dexie is a dog who first appears in Grand Theft Auto 5. McIntosh is a celebrity you'll encounter when playing as Trevor Philips, found close to the Vangelico Jewel Store in Rockford Hills. At the request of Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill, you must then retrieve the dog's collar, which leads to the dog running away from Kerry.

One of the few named dogs in the GTA series, it appears to be a brown Bull Mastiff. While the game doesn’t provide many details about Dexie, she appears to be a sweet-natured dog, and you're left feeling bad when stealing her collar.

3 El Rubio’s Panther

El Rubio (Juan Stickler) is an antagonist who appears in Grand Theft Auto Online’s Cayo Perico Heist. While scoping out the island where Juan lives, you watch him execute Gustavo by locking him inside the cage of his pet panther — which naturally attacks him.

This panther is the only dangerous and exotic animal kept as a pet in the series. While not much time is spent with the creature other than the sequence where Gustavo is killed, it's a cool, intimidating creature that gives El Rubio’s character added danger and intrigue.

2 Carl Johnson’s Cat

Located on Grove Street and a pivotal part of San Andreas, the Johnson House can also be used as a safe house. It remains uncertain when Sean, Brian, Carl, and Kendl moved to the house, but Carl is reported to have lived in the house since birth. A picture of the family’s white cat hangs on the wall in Carl's room.

At the time of the game’s release, this small picture seemed like a loving and immersive touch. Strangely, the cat’s picture can also be found in Manhunt, suggesting that the two universes might be connected. While you never directly interact with the cat, this small touch helps to humanize Carl.

1 The Ghost Dog

Dom is a random character in GTA 5 and GTA Online, and can often be seen participating in high-risk activities. An unnamed Labrador Retriever (referred to by many as the ghost dog) can be encountered during these missions. Franklin is the only one of the three playable characters who can directly interact with the dog — it leads him down a dirt path to where Beasley is found hanging by a parachute caught in a tree.

No explanation is ever given for the dog’s strange behavior, or why it appears randomly to lead players. What happens to the dog also remains uncertain, but it seems to be some type of ghostly pet of Beasley.

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