10 Game Recommendations For Your New PlayStation VR2 Headset

PlayStation VR2 is nearly upon us and with the hardware comes a whole host of VR games to play. There are very few exclusives only playable with PlayStation VR2, but many developers have ports available on day one. This is fantastic for new VR players, and perhaps a little disappointing to veterans. Whether you’re diving into VR for the first time or you’ve played plenty on competing headsets, here is a list of games, presented in alphabetical order, I enjoyed for the first time, or all over again in PlayStation VR2.

Tetris Effect: Connected

When Tetris Effect revealed its VR plans shortly after its announcement many years ago, I scoffed at the idea of simply playing Tetris in VR. In practice, however, the game is a revelation. The music and visuals, partnered with the trance-like state you enter when you really focus on Tetris, are all improved by the aid of VR. I am not ashamed to admit that playing in VR makes me emotional and will even make me tear up in a cathartic way that, frankly, I cannot explain.

Pistol Whip, on the other hand, is available now, but I haven’t played this new version yet. It’s a rhythm-based, on-rails shooter that makes you feel like John Wick. Like Beat Saber, it’s a game I return to often on competing VR headsets, and I am optimistic the PlayStation VR2 version will offer the same fun gameplay.

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Tetris Effect: Connected


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