10 Gaming Characters Who Would Throw The Best New Year’s Eve Party

The typical New Year’s Eve party is a high-energy celebration of the final hours of the year to help you stay awake so you can cheer in the new one at the first stroke of midnight. From delicious food to great music to fun games, there’s always a ton of activity at the best parties.

The greatest parties also have the perfect hosts. Each party host might also have their own emphasized skill: food, music, games, or a combination. When imagining what a New Year’s Eve party might look like in the world of video games, there are a few notable characters who come to mind as the best party-planners.

10/10 Vector (Sonic The Hedgehog)

Vector the Crocodile is always down for a good time. The head of the Chaotix Detective Agency from the Sonic the Hedgehog series would be an excellent party host on New Year’s Eve. In particular, if you’re looking for the best and latest hits in music, you’ll want to attend Vector’s party.

Vector’s love of music is shown through his signature headphones, which he’s constantly wearing. As a party host, he’d serve as a top-tier DJ, leading his party to dance and sing along all the way into the new year.

9/10 Luxord (Kingdom Hearts)

If you’ve got money to gamble and you’re feeling lucky, then Luxord’s New Year’s Eve party is the one for you. One of the antagonists of the Kingdom Hearts series, Luxord is one of the members of Organization XIII. He’s recognizable for his fighting style: challenging Sora through card games.

Specifically, Luxord loves a good game of chance. For his New Year’s Eve party, he’d transform the venue into a mini-casino of sorts. The food and drink would also be superb, as Luxord is classy and would want nothing less than the absolute best.

8/10 Waluigi (Super Mario)

Waluigi, Luigi’s rival from the Super Mario series, would certainly throw the best New Year’s Eve party the Mushroom Kingdom has ever seen. As he’s often overlooked and underappreciated, Waluigi’s out to prove himself, and what better way to do that than by organizing an incredible party?

And Waluigi would be good at hosting a New Year’s Eve party, especially when the venue and dancing is concerned. The famous Mario Kart course Waluigi Pinball shows that he has an eye for style that would work well for a party venue, and the forgotten Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix game shows off his dancing fever.

7/10 Tifa (Final Fantasy)

Tifa Lockhart, one of Final Fantasy 7’s protagonists, may be on the reserved side, but she would still make a great party host. While Tifa wouldn’t throw a huge, chaotic party, she would be excellent at organizing a smaller gathering of close friends for a calmer yet still fun New Year’s Eve party.

Tifa’s biggest strength as a party host is the drink menu. Tifa’s still as a part-time bartender gives her great firsthand experience to put together and mix up the best New Year’s Eve cocktails.

6/10 Purah & Robbie (Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity)

While we see a much younger Purah and a much older Robbie in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity provides a glimpse of them in their prime. They are an energetic duo with a cool sense of style, and Robbie in particular comes across as a rock-and-roll star.

The two of them would certainly throw Hyrule’s stellar New Year’s Eve party, with a reputation that would draw people from all across the land to Hyrule Castle to celebrate. Using the best of Sheikah technology, the party would have incredible decorations, interesting games, and, of course, the best music.

5/10 Papyrus (Undertale)

Undertale’s Papyrus has the perfect personality to be the supreme party host. His charisma and concern for others would drive him to throw the best New Year Eve’s party guaranteed to give everyone the most fun and entertaining time. His desire to be popular would also factor into his party planning, as he would certainly want to make it a memorable experience.

Papyrus’s artistic side would help him create an incredible atmosphere for the party. The only thing his party might be lacking? Great food. Papyrus would only make a giant batch of spaghetti, though his success rate with the dish isn’t high, unfortunately.

4/10 Mama (Cooking Mama)

Though Mama’s New Year’s Eve party might not be the wildest, it’s definitely guaranteed to have the best food. The star of the Cooking Mama series seeks absolute perfection in any dishes she makes or teaches others to make.

If you’re looking for a more lowkey experience on New Year’s Eve, but still one full of fun, then Mama’s party would be ideal for you. Mama would offer a masterclass over the best party dishes, letting you sample hers as an example, guaranteeing a night full of engaging activity and excellent cuisine.

3/10 Duke (Duke Nukem)

Duke Nukem, the hero of the series of the same name, would absolutely throw one of the wildest and most energetic New Year’s Eve parties of all time. He’s an accomplished action hero, with an ego to match, which would simply drive him to host the biggest party pointing to his own success and greatness.

Everything you might want in an over-the-top New Year’s Eve party, Duke would certainly have. He’d likely host it at his casino and serve food from his restaurant Duke Burger.

2/10 Elena Fisher (Uncharted)

Elena Fisher, of the Uncharted series, would absolutely throw one of the best New Year’s Eve parties. In preparing for the event, Elena would have a strong vision of her ideal party and the resourcefulness to make it all go according to her plan.

Her New Year’s Eve party would also have a multicultural element, bringing in food and drink inspired by her travels as a journalist. Elena’s party would definitely make a splash among attendees and would be remembered for many years to come.

1/10 Squid Sisters (Splatoon)

Callie and Marie, the iconic Squid Sisters duo of the Splatoon series, would put on one of the most energetic New Year’s Eve parties. If you’re looking for an event with a lot of activity and challenge, the Squid Sister’s party is the way to go. Their New Year’s Eve party would adapt the Splatfest events from the game, hosting a contest leading up to midnight.

The two are well-equipped to host a giant party like this simply due to their experience on Inkopolis News. Their celebrity status would draw many to attend their party, and would likely be the largest video game New Year’s Eve party of all.

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