10 Lingering Questions We Have After The End Of Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage leaves you with more questions than answers after you clear the game. If you're a newcomer to Fire Emblem, there's a lot regarding the magic and systems you're probably curious about. More than that, there are also characters who are still shrouded by mystery even after the ending.

You're here because you want to know if anybody else is asking the questions you got in your head. You might find yourself theory-crafting the answers to some of these serious questions, or you might even end up having a good laugh about some of these funny inquiries.

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers about Fire Emblem Engage's storyline. Read at your own risk.

10 Why Did Magic Turn Alear's Hair Blue?

You know Alear's hair is blue and red for a reason that goes beyond design choice. While we know that Lumera has been transferring her dragon powers to Alear throughout the 1,000 years they've been asleep, all you know is that she's been doing so through magic. You also know from Zephia that magic in the world of Fire Emblem Engage comes at a steep price, and can even ask you to shorten years of your life.

Connecting the fact that Lumera has grown weaker after the castle siege and that magic eventually collects its dues, it's possible she really was giving her life essence away to make sure that Alear inherits her throne as the Divine Dragon. You're just not sure why inheriting her power also means inheriting her hair color.

9 Are The Fell Dragon Naturally Attuned To Evil?

From how Sombron portrayed Fell Dragons, they seemed attuned to cruelty. Any Fell Dragon that strayed from atrocities is deemed "defects". But Sombron is just one member of his kind, and despite being the main representative of his kind in Fire Emblem Engage, we don't really know what the other Fell Dragons were like.

We probably will never know outside Alear and Veyle, since they're implied to be the only ones with Fell Dragon heritage left in their universe. If Fell Dragons are as evil as Sombron expects them to be, then it's only natural to wonder why Alear and Veyle were able to go against their draconic impulses.

8 Why Couldn't Veyle Summon Emblems?

Veyle has always been a character of mystery, and this extends to her abilities. You were able to see her create The Corrupted through an invocation, but you were also met with the fact that she's incapable of summoning Emblems, which is why she wasn't favored by Sombron. This leads you to the question of why couldn't she summon Emblems if those with Fell Dragon lineage are generally able to do so?

Although Alear from the past was able to talk about how some of their siblings were also unable to summon Emblems, it becomes a mystery as to why it's not an intrinsic part of their abilities.

7 Is Veyle Partly Mortal?

Apart from Alear being adopted by Lumera, and Sombron being both Alear and Veyle's father, you're not told who their biological mothers are. All you're told about Veyle's mother is that she lived for some time, and she eventually died before Sombron was awakened. ​​​​​​​

This either implies that she's mortal and could not live long enough to see Sombron and Veyle reunite, or that she's not exactly mortal but succumbed to death anyway for mysterious reasons. If her mother isn't exactly a magical creature, then it might be able to explain why she's incapable of summoning Emblems.

6 What Makes Fell Dragons Capable Of Turning People Into The Corrupted?

You know that Veyle can turn people into The Corrupted through a chant, but what about Lord Sombron? If Sombron does consume "sovereign blood" (or just blood in general), why are people turned into The Corrupted from such an act?

It's implied that instead of turning into vampiric creatures, these people turn into Sombron's personal zombies. Whatever blood-bending Sombron is doing, it's a mystery as to how people are controlled by Fell Dragon powers after they're eaten.

5 How Was Queen Lumera Able To Talk To Alear One Last Time?

The beloved Queen Lumera became Corrupted near the end of the story. Aside from this event being a terrible way of desecrating a corpse, it's just strange that Queen Lumera was able to regain a semblance of control over her body and mind. She was finally able to talk to Alear one last time, which is a good way for both parties to gain closure from being ripped apart all too soon.

This somewhat happens to other characters as well, who seem to be able to speak their last wishes before they disappear into ash. It can be assumed that reanimated corpses most likely have a bind on their soul, and are strung on by Fell Dragon magic.

4 How Did Alear Summon The Emblems Again At The Final Battle With Sombron?

You've probably thought about this: how was Alear able to re-summon the Emblems at the final battle with the power of friendship and sheer will? There isn't really a good explanation here, since the Emblems were supposed to disappear after Sombron closed the portal. The warp of space was supposed to weaken them, and practically make them disappear since they've used up their power to save Alear.

In theory, this might be Alear's personal miracle that just defies the game's logic. In reality, we're not really sure how these Emblems were brought back through Alear's prayer so that they could fight in full strength.

3 Are There Other Kinds Of Dragons From Other Worlds?

There are Divine Dragons, Fell Dragons, and even Mage Dragons in the world of Elyos. But Sombron talked about other worlds, and how there used to be a civilization of Fell Dragons from where he came from.

You don't really get to explore these other worlds, which means that there is a possibility for other worlds to have different kinds of dragons, as well as dragons of Queen Lumera and Sombron's kind. But this will remain an unanswered question since we didn't go world-hopping as Alear.

2 Who Is The Emblem Of Foundations?

Sombron revealed in the end that he once had an Emblem from his world. This Emblem "abandoned" him once he reached Elyos, and was taken in by people who found him. You might've also wondered why this Emblem, called by Sombron "The Emblem of Foundations," would leave him. Though he explains that his Emblem is a solitary one, and dislikes the reliance on others, it's still a good question to raise if the Emblem really was anything as Sombron described.

The bigger thing to pick apart about this Emblem is their identity, since you're most likely familiar with most if not all of Alear's Emblems through previous games. If you're not, Alear's Emblems at least introduced themselves to you, in comparison to Sombron's mysterious Emblem who never made an appearance in the game.

1 Can The 13th Emblem Still Perform A Miracle?

Magic in this world requires sacrifice, which is why the Emblems paid a great price to bring Alear back to life and turn him into the 13th Emblem. They paid with their souls and disappeared at the end of the game. They said that the miracle can only be performed once by the 12 Emblems, and never again, which might be because the price of a miracle would've taken all that they've got to make it happen.

​​​​​​​But Alear is a new Emblem, which means that he wasn't part of the 12 Emblems who made the choice to veto the miracle. It might be possible for him to perform a miracle, but we're all clueless as to how he could.

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