10 Lingering Questions We Have After The End Of Gotham Knights

Living in the world’s greatest detective’s shadow, the protagonists of Gotham Knights have their own mysteries to solve. Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Robin help to solve one of Batman’s remaining cases, while also protecting Gotham City.

Many of these mysteries are solved during the main story and side missions, but there are still plenty of questions that remain unanswered. Whether it's the Gotham Knights’ next plans or what villains are currently up to, it’s hard to guess what WB Montreal is planning next. These are some lingering questions we have after the end of Gotham Knights.

This article contains plot spoilers

10/10 Will Batman Be Resurrected Again?

Though the Lazarus Pit beneath Gotham City has been destroyed, others still exist elsewhere. If Talia brought Bruce back once, she could always bring him back again. She manipulates him to distrust his family, though Bruce was able to believe whichever character you chose to end the game.

Each dip in the Lazarus Pit alters the state of the subject’s mind, so if he’s brought back again, there’s no telling how he’ll be. And given that he was a boss battle, he could be a formidable enemy once again.

9/10 What Is Talia’s Next Plan?

After defeating Talia, she retreats with her League. It’s likely that she’s already considering her next move while she licks her wounds. The al Ghul’s are a persistent family, and it’s not common for them to give up.

Now that she’s the Head of the Demon, she’ll have an entire army of ninjas at her disposal. And if Damian Wayne has been born, her actions will likely be dictated by his existence and role as both assassin and heir.

8/10 Will Nightwing Return To Bludhaven?

Before Bruce’s death, Dick Grayson was spending his days defending Bludhaven as Nightwing. He takes a break from the city when he returns to Gotham, but that doesn’t mean he’ll stay in Gotham long-term.

Because of Dick’s sense of responsibility to lead the team, he may choose to stick around. But the team is already well-equipped to handle any problems that may arise, so will he return to Bludhaven and continue his vigilante endeavors there? After all, Superman can’t help with Bludhaven forever.

7/10 Will Dick And Barbara Rekindle Their Romance?

The ex-lovers recently became close again because of Bruce’s death. Though the group has become more of siblings than friends, Dick and Barbara could always rekindle their romantic relationship.

Dick is known for being a ladies’ man, but Barbara is one of his most significant partners, so maybe the pair will reconsider their breakup. Sure, he seems to have plenty of suitors judging by his emails, but the pair is spending much more time together in the Belfry.

6/10 Does Batwoman Exist?

Kate Kane is not mentioned in Gotham Knights, despite her parents Jacob and Catherine Kane being central to the main story. Now that Batman is gone, as well as her father, Kate Kane may decide to don the cowl of Batwoman, if she hasn’t already.

Perhaps we’ll see her join the team in a future game. Due to her not being mentioned, her existence is also called into question. There’s no telling whether Kate exists in this universe, but if she does, her parents have kept her hidden thus far.

5/10 Will Jason Explore His New Magical Abilities?

Jason is finding himself after his resurrection via Lazarus Pit, and we see this via his therapy-based emails and his actions within the story. To make things even more confusing, Jason discovers that he has new mystical abilities, and uses them for traversal.

Now that he’s getting used to these powers, will Jason explore them and the mystic world thoroughly? Plenty of magic wielders reside in Gotham City, so it’s possible that he may get the attention of characters like Zatanna.

4/10 Is Penguin Really Done With Crime?

Oswald Cobblepot has supposedly left his life of crime behind, as he turns a new leaf with the Iceberg Lounge. Maybe he really has changed, but his behavior suggests he may not have. He’ll trick one of the protagonists into freeing him and drugging themselves, which doesn’t match his new positive intentions.

Perhaps this is just an example of his selfishness, but it could also be indicative of something more sinister. And now that he’s abandoned crime, he’s quickly become a target for the rest of Gotham’s criminal sphere.

3/10 Who Will Don The Cowl?

While Bruce Wayne is the one true Batman, others have taken up the mantle in his absence. Years into the future, Terry McGinnis becomes Batman in the Batman Beyond storyline. There’s some reference to Terry with Beyond-inspired costumes, but nothing concrete.

Aside from McGinnis, Dick Grayson has also been Batman before, though for a shorter period of time. Since he’s one of the main characters in Gotham Knights, it’s possible he’ll assume Batman's title and responsibilities.

2/10 Is The Court Of Owls Gone For Good?

The Court of Owls has survived for centuries, controlling Gotham City behind the scenes, so it’s unlikely the protagonists have chased them out of the city for good. Though Bruce Wayne causes an explosion to take out the Talons and members in the Batcave, there are probably many more that remain, some of which can be seen as enemy factions on the map during the endgame.

Hopefully, after being exposed to the public, the Court will give up on its dealings. But as it has clearly shown, the dead don’t remain dead for long.

1/10 Will There Be A Gotham Knights Sequel?

There’s still work to be done in Gotham City, and plenty of other heroes and villains we didn’t get to see. Will WB Montreal make a sequel? DC Comics offers up a great variety of storylines that deserve their place in the gaming spotlight.

The developer has more than enough to work with, especially since some major players in Gotham’s criminal underworld were nowhere to be seen. Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, Bane, and the Joker could all be impending threats. Heroes like Batwoman and Batwing could also play a role. And who knows, Bruce could still return from the dead… again.

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