10 Pokemon I Would Collect In Real Life Like A Cat Lady

I may be biased, but cat ladies have a bad rap. There’s nothing wrong with surrounding yourself with fuzzy animals that make you happy. Life’s too short not to, and I certainly would do the same if I could. Good for them, you know?

As well as real-life cats, there are also plenty of Pokemon that I would happily house many, many of in my home. These Pokemon are so cute and endearing that having just one of them as a pet isn’t enough. I’d need five, no, ten at the very least before I’d be satisfied.

10 Pachirisu

Pachirisu is one of the most underrated Pikachu clones — just look at this adorable squirrel. From its yellow cheeks to the blue spikes on its tail, it’s colourful and simply warms my heart.

Many Pokedex entries say that pairs of Pachirisu can often be seen rubbing their cheeks together to share electricity — how gosh darn cute is that? When they’re in my collection, they can share electricity as much as they like, and I’ll coo every time they do.

9 Phantump

There’s a bit of a moral issue with having a collection of Phantump, considering it’s described as a tree possessed by a lost child in many of its Pokedex entries, but that doesn’t negate the fact that it’s adorable.

This little ghostie would float around my house with glee (I hope) and keep any other wayward spirits at bay. That alone is enough reason to have at least one Phantump at home.

8 Mudkip

Objectively, Mudkip is the best starter Pokemon. There’s just no competition. This little mud skipper has the biggest smile on its face and just emanates happiness. You couldn’t be sad when Mudkip is around, so why shouldn’t I be allowed to have loads of them?

The only downside is Mudkip’s love of mud, but I can look past it, as they’re perfect in literally every other way. As long as they clean themselves off before they come into the house, we’re all good around here.

7 Fidough

What if a bagel was a dog? That’s Fidough, and I want ten of them. According to Pokemon Scarlet, Fidough is “smooth and moist to the touch” — I imagine it has the springy consistency of uncooked dough. I’m not sure if it would be a nice experience petting it, but I would certainly give it a go.

Regardless, its shining eyes are full of love — a love I want around me at all times. The Pokemon is also said to be useful for baking thanks to the yeast in its breath, so, together, we could bake up a storm. I wonder how they’d feel about making actual bagels, though.

6 Mareep

The absolute fluff on Mareep. With a collection, I could lie down on them and it would feel like a bed of clouds. As long as they keep the electricity in their wool under control… But that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

My flock of Mareep wouldn’t just keep me warm and cosy, though. This relationship goes two ways. I’d also take them out to huge meadows with rolling hills, so they graze, snooze, and run around at their heart’s content.

5 Hisuian Zorua

Hisuian Zorua has such a sad little face — all I want to do is ask it what’s wrong and give it scratches behind the ears. It’s also got those sweet round eyebrows like a Shiba Inu, adding to its endearing expression.

Its Pokedex entry in Legends: Arceus may say that it exudes “lingering malice” often, but I could fix that. With at least ten of them in my home in a cuddle pile, they’d be radiating love and affection instead.

4 Alolan Vulpix

Just when I thought Vulpix couldn’t get any better, Pokemon added Alolan Vulpix to the roster. With fur as white as snow and eyes the colour of ice-blue pools, it’s as sweet as your favourite scoop of ice cream.

Just imagine taking a group of Alolan Vulpix on a walk on a winter’s day. I’d wrap them up in tiny little scarves and watch as they pranced around in the snow. Then, when we got home, we could all cuddle up by the fire. Pure bliss.

3 Espurr

Espurr permanently has the expression of a cat staring at nothing, making you think you’ve got a ghost in your house. But it’s for that exact reason that I would collect so many of them. They’re just funky little dudes, really.

Plus, they look intensely fluffy. You could lose yourself in their fur, and that’s what I would do if I had one, or ten.

2 Eevee

When I was a kid and Pokemon cards were all the rage at my school, I didn’t care about Charizard or Mewtwo. I didn’t even care about Pikachu. The only Pokemon I had my eyes on was Eevee. I collected every Eevee card I could get my hands on — yes, even duplicates of the same artwork.

So, naturally, if Eevee ever existed in real life, you know I’d be collecting every one I can find. It’s just the absolute perfect specimen — a mixture of cat and fox — so what could be better?

1 Stufful

If you’ve played Sun and Moon, you may have noticed one NPC who has a house full of Stufful — they escape, and you have to round them up for her. That NPC is me. Stufful evokes a feeling in me that I cannot even describe in words.

When I first saw this Pokemon, I couldn’t contain myself. Red pandas are already cute, but a pink one? Wow, we’re peaking with character design here. But that’s not all. When Stufful performs a move, it falls over and makes a squeak like a stuffed toy. This clumsy little thing is so cute, and I need ten of them. Stat.

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