10 Things Everyone Completely Missed In Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage is a huge game filled with a gigantic roster of characters. Not to mention, there are plenty of hidden little details you might miss as you play the game.

Whether you're a veteran of the series or a newcomer, there are plenty of missable moments in Fire Emblem Engage. From characters to references to slightly hidden dialogues, you'll want to sift through everything available to you in Engage.

10 Loading Screen Sprites Change Based On Your Active Units

Fire Emblem Three Houses introduced the running sprite across the bottom of the loading screen, and this feature returns in Fire Emblem Engage. You might not have noticed that the units featured at the bottom aren't randomly chosen.

Where Three Houses just had the Byleth sprite, the loading screen sprites in Engage are dictated by which units you used in your previous battle. Sommie, the spirit guardian of Somniel, can also be spotted there.

9 See Rewards From Saving Green Ally Units

In some maps, there will be ally units that you will be tasked with saving to earn more rewards after the battle. On a few occasions, you can see the potential rewards you'll get for saving them if you hover over them on the map screen and inspect their inventory.

We're not saying this is what you should do if you're weighing up if someone is worth saving for the reward, but we're slightly suggesting it might help you make these tough decisions. This is only the case in a few maps, but it's a nifty little detail to add and provides an incentive.

8 Some Bond Rings Come With Skills

You could have decided you don't want to spend your Bond Fragments on this Bond Ring gacha system in Engage, and no one would blame you. However, some of the S-rank rings you can get come with a skill you'll have access to when wearing the ring.

You can't learn these skills outside of the Bond Ring, and they are only active as long as you have them equipped, but some are significantly beneficial. For example, an S-rank Deirdre Bond Ring from Sigurd's world comes with Renewal, an HP-recovery skill from the series.

7 Post-Battle Unique Dialogues

Taking your time to speak to everyone after a battle is a good way to hear some rare dialogues and get more context about what's happening in the world. Better yet, if you speak to your units whom you think did extremely well or notably terrible in the previous fight, that character will also have something to say about it.

Characters who took out a lot of enemies will brag about being amazing, while characters who took a lot of damage will lament their lack of skills. It's an entertaining detail, especially because it's something we're saying out loud to our units. Plus, the better-performing characters will give you 100 Bond Fragments.

6 Maddening Mode Has Fixed Level Growths

When you level up in Fire Emblem, your units have a percentage-based chance for each stat to gain one point. Characters have innate growths in specific areas, and Classes either add or subtract from those growths, which dictates your level-up stats. Put simply, leveling up in Fire Emblem is RNG-based.

Fire Emblem Engage's Maddening Mode completely removes the RNG aspect of this and lets you play through the game with each unit getting a pre-determined level up, no matter what you do. When or where this stat allocation is determined is unknown, but it is a way to play through the game without being messed over by the RNG gods.

5 Sommie can follow you around Somniel

You all must be well acquainted with Sommie by now. It's the adorable little dog monster who lives in the caves of Somniel. However, you might not know that you can get it to leave its small pedestal in the cave and follow you around.

To get this to happen, you need to visit it after each battle to pet it and feed it some food. This will reward you will Bond Fragments and increase Sommie's affection gauge. When this is filled up enough, Sommie will jump off its throne and follow you around Somniel.

4 Lindon Can Be Recruited

When you first encounter Lindon in Chapter 18, he will be hostile, and you can very easily kill him. However, if you want, you can speak to Lindon with Alear, Ivy, or Hortensia to get him to defect and join your ranks.

This is a staple in Fire Emblem games where you'll notice a named character as your opponent, and sometimes you can go over and recruit them. This is the only time you can turn a hostile character to your side during a battle outside the main story events.

3 Fulfilling Donations Gives You More Outfits

Donations are expensive in Fire Emblem Engage, and there are multiple donation options for each region of the world map. This is how you're able to adopt the pets you come across, but if you donate more to rank up again, you'll be rewarded with new outfits in the Boutique that are themed on the area they come from.

This is an easily missable feature, especially on harder difficulties, when you consider how scarce money is. Who has a spare 10,000+ Gold to throw around at donating? It's worth it to see some of the region-inspired outfits.

2 Listening To Support Conversations Adds More Information To The Ally Handbook

The References menu in Fire Emblem Engage is where you'll find available Support and Bond conversations, and it also houses the Ally Notebook. This is something of a neglected menu in Engage.

The Ally Notebook holds information about all your allies, including likes and dislikes, and it keeps updating with new information you learn from their Support conversations. Not to mention, awesome new character images are added and can be viewed there as you rank up their support.

1 Art Weapons Have Split Damage Scaling

You might feel like the first Art weapons in Fire Emblem Engage are somewhat underwhelming in their damage. This is because the formula used to work out the damage takes into account your unit's strength and magic and then halves it.

This is why several of your Qi Adept units who can use fist weapons will have nearly equal growths in their strength and magic stats, effectively stifling these units throughout the game. This is a far cry from how Three Houses handled fist weapons, where they were broken beyond all fairness.

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