10 Things Everyone Completely Missed In Gotham Knights

Easter eggs, cameos, and references. All of this can be found in Gotham Knights. Numerous DC Comics heroes, villains, anti-heroes, and side characters take center stage as the four Knights try to fill in Batman’s enormous boots. Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Robin each have their own unique personalities, and with this comes a variety of interactions with other comic book characters and storylines.

While the story is excellent, there’s plenty to be found while hanging out in the Belfry, exploring the city streets, and even in your email inbox. It’s easy to miss these subtle moments if you aren’t actively looking for them, so here are ten moments you may have completely missed in Gotham Knights.

10/10 Red Hoods And The Outlaws

Early in Red Hood’s story, he receives an email from his long-time friend, Roy Harper. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Roy – previously known as Speedy – is the former protégé of Green Arrow. Just like Jason, Roy strikes out on his own and adopts a new identity, now calling himself Arsenal.

In the comics, a team is formed between Red Hood, Arsenal, and Starfire called The Outlaws. In his email, Roy shares his condolences and reminds Jason that he’ll always have a place among them.

9/10 The Birds Of Prey

The Birds of Prey has had many members over the years, but their most well-known are Barbara Gordon, Black Canary, and Huntress. Typically, Barbara is Oracle in this scenario, which is referenced in a cutscene.

There’s already a Black Canary poster on the wall in the Belfry, but you’ll also hear two cameo voicemails from her and Huntress as they relay a message to Barbara. She also receives emails from them as well, like the one she receives from Dinah planning a road trip.

8/10 Batwing

Lucius Fox is one of the Knights’ key allies in the game. He mainly helps you with fast travel by providing you with transportation around the city. While speaking to Lucius, he’ll reference his son, Luke Fox, and his role in advanced technology.

In some comic book stories, Luke Fox assumes the role of Batwing, a Batman-inspired vigilante protecting Gotham’s streets. It’s not clear whether he’s taken up the role in the Gotham Knights universe, but Lucius’ reference to him suggests that he might, at some point.

7/10 Jason’s Therapy Sessions

If you’re reading your emails and keeping up with the optional stories for each character, you’ll notice that Red Hood has been going to therapy. As he recovers from the traumatic experience of dying and being resurrected, Jason works on himself and his communication with others.

He’ll take his therapist’s advice by sending written messages to some characters, expressing his appreciation for them. It’s especially important to take note of his messages to Nightwing, since the two have a rocky relationship.

6/10 Kirk Langstrom Isn’t Man-Bat

Kirk Langstrom is introduced early in the story while the vigilantes investigate where Batman left off. They find out he’s dead almost immediately after arriving at the university. While exploring his lab and learning more about him throughout the story, you’ll recognize his prominent role among the villains of the game.

Working with Talia al Ghul, Langstrom was creating creatures who are both human and bat. If you’re familiar with Langstrom, you may have already expected this revelation, being that he is the original Man-Bat. Clearly, he doesn’t assume the role in the game, but it’s still great to see that he was included.

5/10 The Titans

Along with the Outlaws, the Titans, previously regarded as the Teen Titans, also exist in this universe. Nightwing will receive an email from Starfire, letting him know that she's there for him if he needs her.

She mentions other members of the team, like Cyborg, and tells Dick he always has a spot on the team. Kory also calls attention to how important it is for Dick to work in a team environment, which becomes obvious as the story continues. It seems that his Titans days are behind him, but he has maintained a relationship with Kory, especially with a planned dinner date with her.

4/10 Batgirl Of Burnside

In the New 52, a Batgirl story was created that focused on Barbara in the early stages of vigilantism. It’s now one of her more popular costumes, which her New Guard outfit seems to be inspired by.

Barbara receives an email from two friends from Burnside, Frankie Charles and Alysia Yeoh, suggesting that she either started her career there or at least spent some time in the city. This reference only adds more to the numerous layers in Barbara’s story. Perhaps she’ll make her way back to Burnside.

3/10 Clark Kent’s Emotional Support

Although different in many ways, Batman and Superman are typically best friends. After Bruce’s death, Clark makes a consistent effort to provide the Bat family with his support, especially Dick. He’ll send Dick emails about coping with grief, and letting him know he’s there to confide in.

Since Nightwing is now based in Gotham City, Superman has helped protect Bludhaven in his absence. He even tries to help Nightwing with his owl puns that he frequently uses to annoy Barbara. Clark already knows his motives and is glad to help.

2/10 The Bat-Family Goes To Pride

In recent years, Tim Drake has come out as Bisexual, and this carries into Gotham Knights. His family clearly rallies behind him in support and allyship. An LGBTQ+ flag hangs in the Belfry, and emails between Batgirl and Red Hood will reveal their plans for Gotham City Pride.

The whole family plans on attending, and the two characters discuss how they can modify their costumes to fit some color schemes. It’s a shame we never get to see these costumes, as it would be cool to see how each character expresses themselves through the theme.

1/10 Going To A Concert

Batgirl’s emails will reflect her close friendship with a variety of characters, but one of the most charming ones is her concert and road trip plans with Supergirl and Black Canary. The email details their transportation plans, in which Black Canary tries to convince Supergirl to fly them there.

Supergirl doesn’t take the bait and reminds the group that she isn’t a taxi service. But let’s be honest, Kara Danvers probably would be the most environmentally safe and cost-effective way to travel.

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