10 Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting Immortals Fenyx Rising

Immortals Fenyx Rising invites players to explore the world of ancient Greece, tackling mythical monsters, meeting legendary heroes, and becoming a champion themselves. However, while the game does have some tutorials, you’ll still find information about many useful things rather lacking, so you have to figure a lot of it out for yourself.

There are a number of things that would have been useful to know early on, but fortunately for you, we’ve got your back. Check out these top ten tips of things we wish we had known before we started playing.

You Can Fast Travel

You can easily be forgiven for not realizing when you can fast travel in Fenyx Rising, or that there is even a fast travel option to even begin with, as it’s not really covered in terms of a tutorial. It’s actually quite simple really, you just go to your map and hover over certain locations and you’ll be given a fast travel option.

Statues and other landmarks are fast travel points, as well as the Hall of the Gods. Big Lyres are fast travel points too, but only while they are incomplete. Once you’ve finished all of the challenges for that specific area’s lyre, it will disappear from the map.

You Don’t Have to Follow Apollo’s Arrow the Entire Way (Mostly)

The Bow of Odysseus is one of the Godly Powers that you will receive as part of the storyline. As well as shooting normal arrows, you can use Apollo’s Arrow which allows you to guide the arrow and change its direction so you can hit your intended target.

But here’s the thing, once you’ve got your shot all lined up, you don’t need to keep following the arrow. You can quit out and the arrow will continue in its trajectory, saving you time in watching it. However, there are points in the story where you need to watch it until it hits the target or it doesn’t count; for example, when shooting the seeds in Aphrodite’s vault.

Pomegranate Offerings Respawn

Pomegranates are the way to replenishing your health; even when you unlock potion making, you’ll still need them to make your health potions. These are generally found in baskets as offering as the base of statues or in buildings and temples, though later they can be found on trees.

You’ll need plenty of these, so you’ll want to collect all that you see. What’s useful to know is that the offerings do respawn eventually, so you can hit up areas you’ve already visited to collect them all once again.

You Can Accidentally Destroy the Bush You’re Hiding In

Fenyx Rising allows you to sneak up behind enemies and stealthily attack them for an added damage bonus. This involves crouching down while you approach usually, and you can additionally use bushes to hide in while moving so that even if the enemy is facing you, they won’t be alerted to your presence.

However, the game offers a destructible environment, and along with rocks and trees, you can cut down the bushes you’re hiding it. If you think you can sneak attack one enemy then jump back into hiding, be forewarned, you might take the bush out at the same time as your first target.

Drowning Can’t Really Kill You

Like many other games, you can only swim for so long in Fenyx Rising, whether you’re above water or under it, as your stamina will simply run out. At this point, your character will drown, but fortunately, it’s not a true death that kicks you back to your last save.

Instead, you will be transported to the nearest shore and you can simply try again. However, fall damage is definitely a killer, so don’t go thinking you can run out of stamina while climbing and just reappear. You can, and likely will, die.

Use Your Environment in Battle

As mentioned earlier, the environment around you is destructible and that means you can use it in battle. Trees can be cut down and you can lift the trunks, or any nearby rocks, with your Herculean strength to then launch at enemies for some decent damage.

Additionally, using a charged throw will do even more damage to your target. So while you may have all your Godly Powers to tap into, don’t forget to utilize your environment for some added damage. You can also use the various hilltops and buildings to hide atop of, to then rain fire down on your enemies from above while avoiding their melee attacks.

There Are Hidden Quests

If you’re a completionist, you might think that you can cover everything by using Far Sight to scout all the land around you. However, this skill doesn’t actually show you all the quests, so the game actively encourages you to do your own exploring.

There are plenty of hidden quests that you can stumble upon by checking out points of interest. Some are very simple and quick to complete, such as just shooting a statue with an arrow, whereas others take a little more effort to finish.

You Can Use Stamina Items When Climbing/Swimming/Flying

Knowing this earlier on would have certainly helped as far as character death count goes… If you’re close to reaching the top of the climb, or the next shore, but you’re about to run out of stamina, just pop a potion or a blue mushroom and your stamina will replenish somewhat.

This allows you to access a lot of areas that you probably thought you’d have to upgrade your stamina bars for. As long as you have items to replenish your stamina, you’re good to go.

There Are Mounts (And You Can Get One Straight Away)

It’s not really surprising that there are mounts, but usually, you think it’s something that you will eventually unlock or have to purchase at some point. That’s not the way in Fenyx Rising. You just have to come across wild herds or steeds and tame them.

Herds don’t start showing up until after you leave the prologue area, but there is actually an Epic Mount hidden in the Clashing Rocks area that you can get straight away. It’s on an island, so you’ll need to replenish stamina while swimming out to it (as mentioned earlier), but it’s worth it to make travel a lot easier. You can find its location and how to tame it in our Epic Mounts guide.

There Are Non-Story Specific Godly Powers

There are two sections to the abilities menu, Skills and Godly Powers. As the first three Godly Powers are given to you as part of the storyline, you’d be forgiven for ignoring the latter section under the assumption you’ll just unlock more as you progress the plot.

However, there are additional Godly Powers that you can unlock as soon as you have the Coins of Charon to do so and they are entirely optional. We really recommend that you invest in them early on, as they can be super helpful in solving puzzles in vaults.

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