10 Times When My Only Response Response To An Enemy Was “Nope”

Few things are more thrilling than turning off the lights and switching on a great horror game. That experience is only better if you're kind of scaredy-cat. It's like switching your life setting to hard mode as you challenge yourself to face your deepest and darkest fears. Of course, in many horror experiences, the scariest things are the enemies themselves.

What is a "nope moment?" Everyone likely has their own interpretation of that, but I believe it is best defined as a solitary point within a game that both baffles and startles you so much that the only response you can muster is a low (or sometimes quite loud) "nope."

10 Jack Baker – Resident Evil 7

Where were you when Jack Baker first burst through the wall of the Baker home? Odds are, you weren't holding your controller but were almost instantly planted firmly behind the couch. It's so sudden that the first time it happened, I just had to stop playing for a moment.

The game had to start getting spookier at some point, but that moment turned the dial from a solid seven all the way up to a trouser-browning eleven. Even worse, he just continued to follow me around, making the entire section on prolonged nope.

9 Pyramid Head – Silent Hill 2

Most people have never forgotten the introduction of Pyramid Head in Silent Hill 2 for various reasons. Sure, the design is absolutely iconic, but just what is going on when you first see him is the thing that really makes the moment stand out.

The strangely erotic moment filled with horrific creatures is one that most people probably wish they could forget, but it's also a moment that probably made everyone pause for a second. Knowing that you're only being introduced to the character is what makes it such a nope moment.

8 The First Necromorph – Dead Space 2

With the success of the sci-fi horror Dead Space, it was a certainty that Dead Space 2 was coming at some point. While most people would have guessed it would be even more horrific, most people probably didn't expect the game to start how it did.

Rather than some time to acclimate to the controls, Dead Space 2 throws a Necromorph at you immediately in the most gruesome way possible. Who needs moments of calm to get drawn into the world? Just toss all the absolute nope moments at me right in the opening minutes.

7 Adam Mcintyre – Dead Rising

There should be no explanation required for why Adam Mcintyre is one big nope. A twisted clown in the middle of a zombie outbreak is like putting the worst possible nightmare on top of what was already a horrific dream.

The person who thought of the idea is an evil genius because the first time you see him is so chilling. It doesn't help that the boss fight is a pain, making the clown's appearance the kind of nope that no one should ever have to experience in their lifetime.

6 First Contact – The Forest

For many people, The Forest's set-up is already terrifying enough. Being stranded in the middle of an unknown location with no one around is a horrific thought. Things only get worse when you realize that you aren't actually alone.

Rather than being left peacefully to survive in the wild, there are tribes of mutant cannibals that will gladly mess you up. I can admit that the first time I encountered one of the beings, it was a complete surprise and I nearly threw an entire computer away because of it.

5 Lisa – P.T.

Anyone who missed out on playing through P.T. during its brief existence missed out on what was truly one of the most haunting gaming experiences that could be had. While the atmosphere is great, encountering Lisa is not.

Just about any moment in which you see Lisa is an absolute nope moment. The entire experience is a huge nope because even when you think Lisa isn't around, she's somewhere watching you. I can't think of any place I would rather be less than in a house with Lisa.

4 Big Daddy – Bioshock

The Big Daddies from Bioshock aren't actually all that scary at a glance. They get a great introduction that sets them up as formidable foes, but nothing can prepare you for when you finally encounter one for yourself in combat.

Blasting a Big Daddy while not prepared leads to one of the funniest possible nope moments anyone can have. The beast will barrel toward you, sending you flying, and probably giving you a game over before you can even pick your jaw up off the floor.

3 The Witch – Left 4 Dead

There's a reason that The Witch from the Left 4 Dead series is considered one of the most iconic video game villains of all time. Some might consider the game's Tank as the real nope, but you can flee from a tank.

If you try to run from a Witch, you will fail. The horrific screeches she lets out as she claws you to the floor is something that sticks with you. Even just spotting one and hearing her wailing is enough to have me rethink a solo run through the game.

2 Regenerators – Resident Evil 4

The Resident Evil series has had its ups and downs with truly terrifying horror, but even in one of the series' most action-packed entries, there are still plenty of nopes to be had. The biggest nope moment for me and many others is the first time you meet a Regenerator.

Having no clue how to combat the creature is part of the nope, but its creepy walk and chilling breaths are the real nope. Making things worse, the creature gets a kind of upgrade later when the Iron Maidens are introduced, leading to a nope all over again.

1 Deadhand – Ocarina Of Time

Young kids played through Ocarina Of Time when it was originally released on the Nintendo 64. Almost like it was a cruel prank, the developers decided to place one of the most horrific creatures from the entire series in the game.

The destruction of Hyrule Castle Town was bad enough, but meeting Deadhand is just terrifying. Having to move into the clutches of one of its hands to even spawn the creature just makes it worse. Seeing its gaping maw inch closer to Link's helpless body is one of the biggest nope moments of all time.

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