7 RPG Characters Who Look Alike

There are thousands of video game characters, so it is only natural that some of them may look the same. More often than not, this isn't due to copying. Characters can look the same due to a multitude of reasons, from popular tropes to the team behind the character's design.

In this list, we are going to look at RPG characters from different games that look similar. These characters aren't entirely identical, but there is no denying the similarities between each pair. Now, let’s take a look at the first entry on our list, which consists of two maids.

7 Noelle & Sharon Kreuger


  • Genshin Impact

    • Noelle
  • Trails of Cold Steel

    • Sharon Kreuger
    • First up, we have Sharon Kreuger and Noelle. These two maids have strikingly similar outfits. The color scheme is more or less the same; both characters use black, white, and a deep red. Additionally, the two have similar haircuts and a cute 'crown' on top of their head.

      Sharon and Noelle could definitely pass for sisters, with Sharon being the older of the two. Complete with their blades, they are a force to be reckoned with.

      6 Sora & Sion


      • Kingdom Hearts

        • Sora
      • The Bouncer

        • Sion
        • Next, we have Sora and Sion. Both of these characters have a rather unique sense of style, with extra spiky hair and giant, clown-like shoes. Sora is definitely the more popular of the two, appearing in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, while Sion is from The Bouncer.

          Sora and Sion look the same for a good reason though; both were designed by Tetsuya Nomura, who also worked on character design for several Final Fantasy games. The first Kingdom Hearts game and The Bouncer were released two years apart from each other, so it's easy to see how Nomura created two similar characters.

          5 Lt. Surge & Guile


          • Pokemon Red and Blue

            • Lt. Surge
          • Street Fighter

            • Guile
            • While Street Fighter technically isn't an RPG, we just had to include this pair. Lt. Surge is the Gym Leader at Vermilion City's Gym, and as his name implies, he holds the Thunder Badge. Both Surge and Guile look like typical 'American' soldiers; blond with muscles, wearing a military-like outfit, and dog tags hanging around their necks.

              Guile is very clearly an American soldier with his flag tattoo, and during Pokemon Red and Blue, there are multiple references to Surge being a U.S. soldier. In Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, Lt. Surge even wears an outfit incredibly similar to Guile's.

              4 Ellie & Jodie


              • The Last of Us

                • Ellie
              • Beyond: Two Souls

                • Jodie
                • Ellie and Jodie both come from fantastic, story-rich games; The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls. The two have a similar hairstyle, and a similar vibe of being dirty and grimy.

                  Both games were released around the same time, and fans noted the similarities between these two main characters. Interestingly, Ellie in The Last of Us was often mistaken for Elliot Page, who actually did play Jodie in Beyond: Two Souls. They even have similar names, adding to the confusion!

                  3 Luka Redgrave & Ardyn Izunia


                  • Bayonetta

                    • Luka Redgrave
                  • Final Fantasy 15

                    • Ardyn Izunia
                    • Luka and Ardyn look suspiciously similar, and they both happen to have similar personalities. Both of these characters are eccentric, and at times, can be a bit of a flirt. In the Bayonetta series, we often see Luka flirting with Bayonetta. Ardyn doesn't flirt like Luka, but he definitely likes to play around with Noctis and the boys.

                      The most obvious similarity is their outfit. In the image above, Luka is not wearing a jacket but numerous times throughout the Bayonetta series, he appears with a floor-length coat very similar to Ardyn. What's more, the two also have the same hairstyle and hat combo.

                      2 Sahlia & Jessica Albert


                      • Blue Dragon

                        • Sahlia
                      • Dragon Quest 8

                        • Jessica Albert
                        • Sahlia and Jessica Albert are from two older games, releasing in 2006 and 2004, respectively. The two have a distinct twin-tail look, with a dress that has a reddish-pink skirt. In Blue Dragon, Sahlia appears as a small child, while Jessica Albert is 18 years old. Due to this age gap, Sahlia could definitely pass as a younger version of Jessica.

                          These two characters were both designed by Akira Toriyama, who is also responsible for bringing us Dragon Ball. Because of this, characters from Blue Dragon and the Dragon Quest series all have a similar style to characters from the Dragon Ball anime and games.

                          1 Frog & Cyrus


                          • Chrono Trigger

                            • Frog
                          • Another Eden

                            • Cyrus
                            • Lastly, we have Frog and Cyrus. You may be thinking to yourself, "Two frogs? Of course they look the same", but hear us out on this one. Firstly, yes. They are both humanoid frogs, so they look the same. This is for a good reason though; Frog is a character in Chrono Trigger, working as a squire under Cyrus.

                              This is where the name Cyrus comes from in Another Eden, as it's a reference to Chrono Trigger. Additionally, without spoiling too much, both games deal with time travel. Another Eden also received a crossover with Chrono Cross, which is set in the same world as Chrono Trigger. It's safe to say that the character designer for Another Eden knew what they were doing.

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