7 Things That Make No Sense In Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

It’s fair to say that a game about a talking kangaroo and a young girl venturing out to cure a disease that puts rocks inside of babies is going to be a little strange. In fact, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is so strange that we had quite a few lingering questions by the time its credits rolled around.

Fortunately, the nonsensical aspects of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising don’t really get in the way of your enjoyment, nor do they ruin the immersion the game so successfully builds. However, that doesn’t excuse just how weird they are.

7 Given A Free Home

At the beginning of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising you’re given a free home for saving someone’s cat or something. To be honest, we were more distracted by the fact that someone had just handed us the keys to their second home. It’s all ours, for some reason. Sure, it’s a fantasy world and people tend to be overly generous – or murderously evil, pick your poison – in these kinds of stories. But a free home? Really?

It makes even less sense when you consider just how new CJ is to the town. The people who give you the house – who you rarely see again – don’t know who you are. Sure, you’re chipper and kind and seem like a good egg, but really you could be a house thief. Maybe you go around doing a handful of good deeds just so you’re given free lodgings? Did they ever think of that when they handed over those keys?

6 Things Sure Are Built Quickly

One of the main aspects of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising’s gameplay is the construction of the town. You’re charged with helping the locals build their various shops and homes in order to make the town prosperous once more. It’s a really fun mechanic that has both a practical and visual effect on the overall game. Watching it expand from a dinky few houses to a bustling town is pretty impressive. Especially as it only takes a handful of days.

Somehow, the people in the world of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising can not only build houses incredibly quickly – we’re talking a matter of minutes – but they can also do it with two pieces of wood and a stone. Frankly, if we could somehow learn their secret ways, we could exponentially increase the amount of available housing. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a weird fantasy world packed full of incredibly talented builders. What a shame.

5 Why Does CJ Have To Do Everything?

Completing side quests is fun, we won’t doubt that for a second. Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising even has a handful of really great side quests for you to do. However, we take umbrage with one aspect of it. Frankly, we don’t think it’s fair that CJ has to do everything. And when we say everything, we mean literally everything.

Do you want a sandwich? Ask CJ. Fancy building an entire shop? Sure, why not, ask CJ. Oh, your child has gone missing? Don’t be a responsible parent and look yourself, just ask CJ to do it. She doesn’t mind. Everyone and their dog is asking CJ to do all of their chores, and she is – bless her – more than happy to do it all. It is strange that JRPGs like this just assume that the player is happy doing random people’s labor, but here we are. Yet another trope in the JRPG genre that makes absolutely no sense.

4 Regenerating Trees

Have you ever chopped a tree down in a forest? We sincerely hope not, but if you have, can you let us know if it then regenerated the next time you went? We don’t mean did a baby sapling suddenly sprout. We mean did it grow to the exact same size within a day or two? We’re pretty sure the answer is no, but apparently Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising doesn’t know as the trees in that game seem to regenerate almost immediately.

Trees in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising love to regenerate. They’ll grow back pretty much as soon as you return, offering you the same lumber as before to ensure you are fully stocked. Of course, in terms of gameplay, it makes perfect sense. It would be a tad boring if you had to wait literal years for them to grow back again. However, we can’t help but feel it’s a little silly that they grow back so fast. At least pretend some time has passed.

3 Garoo's Magic Pouch

Garoo is a kangaroo. Everyone agrees on this, right? That’s why he has a magic pouch in which he stores his sword. What is frankly mind-boggling, however, is the fact that Garoo doesn’t offer to help you carry all that lumber and ore with you when exploring.

Well, maybe it is him carrying it all then. In which case good on him for helping us out. On the other hand, isn’t it then incredibly odd that you can upgrade his pouch? Can kangaroos upgrade their pouches in real life? However you put it, Garoo’s pouch is very strange. Either he’s being completely unhelpful despite his enormous magic pouch, or he has the ability to upgrade his pouch and make it even bigger.

2 Locked Locations

When you first arrive in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising’s upgradable town, you’ll notice a slew of alleyways and entrances that are inaccessible. Over time, all of these will become available and will quickly grow to be your regular haunts. However, what is rather odd is the fact that up until that point, you weren’t able to visit them. Why? What is stopping you?

Other than pacing issues, we have no idea why you can’t head to Outlander Lane, the Rune Quarter, the Farm, or really any location that isn’t the Plaza from the get-go. They’re all within the town, they’re all feasibly accessible, so why are they blocked off for so long? You know, outside of the aforementioned pacing issues. Frankly, it feels like Isha didn’t really like us in the beginning. She just kept them secret from us because she didn’t trust us. Well, look how far we’ve come.

1 Why Do You Keep Collecting Stamps?

Stamps are an extremely important part of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising’s gameplay loop. They offer a tangible reward for completing side quests that can then be handed in for new Link Attacks, items, and even new town music. They also give you yet another fantastic reason to return to the game after you’ve finished the main story. However, from a narrative perspective, it doesn’t really make much sense why you keep requesting people give you stamps. In fact, it makes absolutely no sense that you’d continue to accept stamps over money for completing jobs.

You see, at the beginning of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, you’re told that you need to fill out the stamp card in order to receive a treasure hunter’s license. However, after receiving around four, you’re automatically given permission to explore the Runebarrows. Therefore, the stamps are no longer really worth anything, as you’ve already gotten what they initially offered. So, why on earth does CJ continue to insist on receiving stamps instead of cold hard cash. Frankly, it’s beyond us.

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