8 Games Where Everyone Hates You

Some of the most popular games today revolve around conflict, and titles with stories that have no problems whatsoever are in the minority. You may be the hero or the villain, but there always seem to be a few people in your corner. At the very least, not everyone is out to get you.

Some games flip that concept over its head and say, “just because you’re the main character doesn’t mean all the NPCs have to love you.” Here are some interesting games where, at some point, it seems like everybody just hates you.

8 Rule Of Rose

Rule of Rose is one of the best survival horror titles on the PS2 for good reason. It’s dark, disturbing, and does a great job of making you feel completely helpless. The story has plenty of twists and turns that make you question who you can trust.

Over time, though, you will come to realize that you have no friends here and you would be right not to trust anyone. From the traumatized bullies that live in the orphanage to the completely sketchy adults that surround this tale, it’s clear that every person, even the seemingly harmless ones, just wants to antagonize you in one form or another.

7 Just Die Already

The name of the game is Just Die Already, so it’s clear that you weren’t sent here to survive. In this wild sandbox game, you can cause all kinds of chaos as vengeance for being kicked out of your retirement home. The problem is that everything in this world can and will kill you. Every person that even catches a glimpse of you wants to hit you.

You would’ve retired nicely, too, if it weren’t for those meddling kids! Embrace going through your bucket list as you kick everybody off your lawn because everyone else is trying to kick you off the face of the planet.

6 Metal: Hellsinger

In this epic metal opera of the eight Hells, you must face off against every demon imaginable. As you go through hordes of evil spawn and their masters, you will soon find that everybody’s goal is to keep you in this hellscape for all eternity – even if that means destroying you.

There’s practically no moment of reprieve as you go on Metal: Hellsinger's vicious journey to take your voice back from the Red Judge. Good thing the Unknown is a woman scorned, and everybody knows how that ends.

5 Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

This is another one of those worlds where literally everything is out to get you. This is far from the best game out there, but it succeeds in achieving its goal: trying to enrage you (or Dr.Jekyll, really). The entire premise of this game revolves around Dr. Jekyll walking through town, trying to get to his wedding. Naturally, fate has placed plenty of triggers to bring Hyde out.

It’s a struggle when you are met with some form of a booby trap or a rando on the street that wants to kill you every two seconds. From there, the game flips and it’s basically you that hates everyone until you die.

4 The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

Welcome to Morrowind, a land filled with rampant racism and creatures that will likely kill you in one hit. The moment you arrive, you are looked upon with disgust by most inhabitants. The level of disdain you receive as an outlander is so strong that any interaction where you’re not being killed or looked down on is a blessing from the gods. As long as those gods are in the Tribunal, of course, or else you’re screwed.

Dunmer players will have an easier time since you’re considered kind of acceptable. If you want the true “no one likes me” experience, though, consider playing a Khajiit

3 Amnesia: Rebirth

Aside from the lurking horrors that want to kill you, Amnesia: Rebirth sees your entire expedition crew either die, turn into something worse, or end up regretting the day they ever trusted you. This causes a lot of emotional turmoil that really can’t be good for pregnant protagonist Tasi, but there are worse things that require your attention.

The more you regain your memories, the more you realize maybe they weren’t worth remembering in the first place.

2 Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt

While you could technically just put any battle royale here, the entire concept of Bloodhunt is about how every faction wants to reign supreme. As it goes with ruthless wars, everybody has a deep hatred for you and your entire lineage. It’s one of the best titles in the world of Vampire: The Masquerade, and it’s also one of the most unforgiving.

It’s not just other vampire clans that are out to get you, too. Human soldiers have been ordered to gun you down on sight, and civilians will report you if they see you doing any vampiric activity. Basically, if you see any player or NPC that isn’t on your team, they’re going to want to turn you to dust. It’s hard out here for a bloodsucker.

1 Manhunt

The controversial Manhunt game, along with its predecessor, has you going against virtually everyone you come across. This is because there is a manhunt for, you guessed, your character. There are hardly any NPCs here that are non-violent towards you, so the best you can do is hide or resort to violence yourself.

There are plenty of different gangs and everyone hates you for the money, for revenge, or just because. Either way, it’s a brutal experience with no holds barred in this hunt-or-be-hunted story.

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