8 Mega Level Digimon With Strange Designs

Digimon is known for its often bizarre and seemingly random paths of evolution. A werewolf can become a robot and a furry dinosaur can become a knight by the laws of the Digital World. Branching digivolutions aside, this franchise is chock-full of interesting and unique Digimon and none more so than the Mega-level Digimon.

Digimon that reach the level of Mega are the pinnacle of Digimon in both power and style. So much detail goes into Digimon of this level, much more than any other level. That being said, with so many Mega-level Digimon, it's only natural that some designs don't have the same presence as many others. Some are just strange in comparison.

8 Breakdramon

Digimon having cybernetic enhancements isn't anything new. There is a whole slew of machine-type Digimon, some with only a few mechanical parts while others are living robots. With so many types of mechanical Digimon, developers had to get creative with their designs to keep up with originality. This led to a few Digimon getting some rather peculiar designs. Breakdramon is such a Digimon.

This living construct is armed with numerous drills and a penchant for destruction. As intimidating as this Digimon is, you can't ignore the fact that it looks like an excavator woke up and chose violence. While living machines aren't abnormal in the Digital World, having one that looks almost exactly like a piece of construction equipment is out there even for Digimon.

7 MetalEtemon

When Etemon was first introduced in the original anime, his appearance didn't scream 'villain'. His comical-looking monkey suit and egotistical personality made this Digimon appear far less threatening than he truly was. However, while he proved himself to be a threat for the digidestined, it was hard to take him seriously. This feeling only increased when he returned as MetalEtemon.

Where most digivolutions have a Digimon taking on a drastic change in appearances, MetalEtemon looks very similar to his previous form save for the fact he is completely made of chrome. This form of Etemon makes his already wacky design appear more so as his new metallic body makes him look incredibly gaudy, especially with his 'golden grill'.

6 Malomyotismon

Myotismon was an incredible villain for the original digidestined. Not only was he the puppeteer behind everything that transpired in the first half of the season, but he also proved to be a terrifying opponent. The vampire Digimon was as intimidating as he was ruthless. Even his monstrous evolved form was terrifying, but the Digimon's revival in the second season didn't hold the same majesty.

Unlike the vampiric design of Myostismon, or even the spider-like visage of VenomMyostismon, MaloMyotismon is more robotic. There are clear inspirations to the Digimon's new Demon Lord typing, but the rest of his design looks more like a suit of armor as opposed to an actual body. As unique as MaloMyotismon's design is, it's a strange step forward for the villain.

5 Belphemon (Sleep Mode)

The Seven Great Demon Lords of the Digital World each correspond with one of the seven deadly sins. They are the rulers of the Dark Area and command Digimon that belong to the Nightmare Soldiers family. They're often portrayed as evil and antagonistic within the franchise both in personality and design. All save for one of their members.

Granted, it's only Belphmon's Rage Mode that is classified as one of the Demon Lords, but it's technically the same Digimon as its Sleep Mode. That being said, its Sleep Mode doesn't fit the intimidating aesthetic of its compatriots. On the contrary, this little sleeping goat is adorable. There's nothing inherently wrong with its design, it just doesn't fit with the role the Digimon is given.

4 AncientVolcanomon

On name alone, one would assume that AncientVolcanomon's design would incorporate a volcano in some fashion. There are several Digimon that also incorporate these landforms that pull it off well, so seeing a Digimon like this wouldn't be out of place. That being said, AncientVolcanomon's design does leave much to be desired.

While having an active volcano on its back is a cool feature, it's lost among everything going on with this Digimon's design. Its body looks more like an asteroid than anything else, its limbs are fleshy unlike the rest of its body, and its head looks out of place on such a Digimon. While the inspirations are clear, AncientVolcanomon's design doesn't seem to have a clear direction.

3 Apocalymon

As a series filled with bizarre and larger-than-life monsters, the 'big bad' of the first Digimon series had to stand out. It needed to be big, imposing, and, above all else, intimidating. In other words, it needed to be the embodiment of evil, and while Apocalymon meets these criteria, he may do so a little too well.

Apocalymon is intimidating, yes, but after the initial surprise of such a being appearing, he's rather comical. At a single glance, you'd think that he was just a massive polyhedron with claws, but there's also a barely noticeable humanoid connected to the top. Separately, the 'humanoid' portion of Apocalymon is as intimidating as any other villain in the show, but it's lost with his disproportional lower half. The Dracula cape also doesn't help.

2 Daipenmon

The vast majority of Mega-level Digimon take on a form befitting of the power they now hold. Their designs are often large and powerful looking, making it clear to all that they're on another level. With that said, there are a few Mega-level Digimon whose appearances doesn't match their power level. Digimon like Daipenmon.

Aside from being a cyborg-type Digimon despite looking like a giant penguin, Daipenmon isn't the least bit intimidating. It's a penguin with a hand crank on its head, and it wields two massive popsicles as weapons. Even by Digimon standards, Daipenmon is definitely an oddball.

1 PlatinumNumemon

There's very little to be said about Numemon that hasn't already been said. It's a green slug that is notorious for throwing its own excrement at its opponent. Most of the time, this is done for comedic effect, but it's still a gross tactic for a gross Digimon. As such, you wouldn't think there would be a Mega-level Digimon that would directly correlate with this Digimon.

PlatinumNumemon looks almost exactly like its previous form. It keeps the slug motif but trades its mucus green color for shiny platinum. It also gains a set of golden angel wings and various pieces of jewelry. On nearly any other Digimon all of these additions wouldn't seem out of place, but seeing them on a literal slug known for throwing poop is just plain weird.

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