8 Things Everyone Completely Missed In Dead Space

Death awaits you aboard the USG Ishimura. Therein lies all the fun. So, grab a plasma cutter and get surgical as you take down necromorph after necromorph. Developer Motive's remake of the 2008 classic modernizes the game in all the best ways making it a thrill among fans of the survival horror genre and the Dead Space series in particular.

You might be concerned with what's lurking around every corner to truly take in all the details surrounding you. There are a lot of details in this remake that references Dead Space lore and history. If you don't slow down a beat, you might miss it. Or, if you're a newcomer to the series, you'll most assuredly not understand some of the game's juiciest details.

8 A Reference To The Original Dead Space Creator

Let's start things off right with the original game's primary creator, Glen Schofield. There's a reference to Schofield's legacy that is almost too small for anyone to really notice. But there's no doubt you'll carry it with you throughout this blood-soaked horror.

On the side of Isaac's plasma cutter, the maker of this weapon is etched into its surface: Schofield Tools. While this reference was also made in the original game, it's a cool nod in this remake from Motive as they acknowledge the original creator of this delightfully horrific game.

7 The Chapter Titles reveal Nicole's Fate

This is another detail that is carried over from the original 2008 game. However, it's easy to miss for new fans and is a cool, cryptic reference to the big reveal at the tail-end of the story. Each chapter is given a title, and the first letter of every title spells the truth concerning the fate of Isaac's girlfriend, Nicole Brennan. See for yourself.

Chapter 1

New Arrivals

Chapter 2

Intensive Care

Chapter 3

Course Correction

Chapter 4

Obliteration Imminent

Chapter 5

Lethal Devotion

Chapter 6

Environmental Hazards

Chapter 7

Into the Void

Chapter 8

Search and Rescue

Chapter 9

Dead on Arrival

Chapter 10

End of Days

Chapter 11

Alternate Solutions

Chapter 12

Dead Space

6 A Communication From Dead Space 2

If you are thrilled with the Dead Space remake, chances are you're hoping that EA and Motive take a crack at remaking the original sequel, Dead Space 2. Nothing has been confirmed, but perhaps this reference to a scene from the 2011 game might allude to a future where a sequel remake happens.

In the remake, you can find an audio log between Isaac and Nicole where the latter shares her excitement over being aboard the Ishimura. This same exact conversation (word for word) occurs as a video call flashback in Dead Space 2.

5 Dead Space: Downfall Gets A Reference

Multiple prequel stories to the original Dead Space have been told. One such narrative occurs in the 2008 animated film Dead Space: Downfall. The film basically depicts the events that lead up to the Ishimura's descent into madness and bloodshed. The story follows a security chief by the name of Alissa Vincent.

In Chapter 12, you can obtain a text log entitled "Retrieval Order." As implied by its title, it reads as an order for security officers to retrieve the bodies of victims affected by the Marker. The order was issued by Security Chief A. Vincent, an obvious reference to the character from the animated film.

4 An Ominous Warning From The Brethren Moons In Dead Space 3

In the remake, you can access a holographic recording of the sinister Dr. Mercer interacting with a patient of his, Brant Harris. Of course, Brant is subjected to the Marker's influence. He then says, "they're hungry. They're coming. They'll make us whole."

This is a clear reference to the Brethren Moons, which appeared in Dead Space 3. These massive moon-like necromorphs drive the signal within the Black Marker. In Dead Space 3, they utter a similar line to Isaac and his comrade John Carver saying, "we are coming. We are hungry. We are here." They threaten Earth as they discuss the ultimate convergence event saying, "All worlds will be consumed and become one. We will all be made whole."

3 A Subtle Hint To Isaac's Silent Past

If you're a fan of the original Dead Space, you keenly remember that Isaac was famously silent aside from grunts and screams. He was later granted a voice in Dead Space 2. The actor behind that voice, Gunner Wright, has returned to bring Isaac to life once again in this remake.

However, there's a moment when Isaac first encounters Dr. Mercer face to face. The doctor freezes him using stasis before wondering aloud how Isaac stalled convergence on the Ishimura. Mercer then says, "But even if I was to ask, I suspect you're not the talkative type." Of course, that might just be a cheeky jab toward a man who can't speak in stasis. Or it could be a fun reference to Isaac's silent past.

2 A Text Log Refers To The Prequel, Dead Space: Extraction

In 2009, a prequel game titled Dead Space: Extraction was released for the Wii. Extraction isn't a survival horror-style game like the original. Instead, it is a rail shooter that follows characters located in the colony on Aegis VII. However, when everything went to Hell in a handbasket, these characters attempted to escape to the Ishimura.

In the remake, a text log titled "Unexpected Visitors" details the rig registrations for three individuals who have suddenly come aboard the ship: Nathan McNeil, Lexine Murdoch, and Warren Eckhardt. These were the three primary characters in Dead Space: Extraction.

1 The Peng Treasure

The famous and mysterious Peng treasure returns in the Dead Space remake. However, it's not in the same location as the original one. In the 2008 game, you could find the treasure in the hangar. Now, a text log is in that same exact spot. It's the journal entry of a man who found the female statue and put it in his locker.

You can later find the treasure in a locker that's sitting next to a corpse. Not much is known about the Peng trophy, but it's been a staple Easter Egg of the Dead Space series. If you collect it, you'll earn an achievement and be able to sell it for 30,000 credits.

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