9 Hidden Plotlines Everyone Missed In Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage is a long and winding story filled with several characters and backstories. Support Conversations in Engage are a treasure trove of information on your characters, and several details are slightly hidden from you unless you seek them out.

Some of these you might not ever get to hear because you didn't use a character, while some you might not be able to stand listening to. Whether it's more information about the world, the Emblems, or how the characters refuse to understand personal space, there is a lot that can go over your head in this game.

Spoiler alert: The final two entries of this list will discuss significant end-game spoilers. Read on at your own risk.

9 Clanne And Framme Are Definitely Part Of A Dragon Cult

This seems to apply more to Framme than Clanne, but Framme's support conversation has them talk at length about the Divine Dragon's Fan Club, which could very easily be a front for their base of operations in indoctrinating people into the Dragon Cult.

Don't be fooled. They want to mass-produce flyers to spread the word. We're not saying we can see these two knuckleheads pulling the strings behind the curtain, but there is something not quite right with how hyped on the Divine Dragon these two are.

8 Rosado's Village Sounds Extremely Progressive

As far as we know, gender discrimination might exist in the world of Fire Emblem Engage, but it certainly doesn't in the village Rosado calls home. During a support conversation with Lapis, Rosado explains that he comes from a place called the Lake of Mystery, a place that has grown out of the expectations that come with gender.

This might be one of, if not the only, mention of Rosado's village in Engage, and the fact that this is barely explored save for a few lines in support conversations is criminal. We want to hear more about it and how this place came to be if it's not the norm everywhere else in the world.

7 Seadall Doesn't Understand The Stars Or The Moon

In a support conversation with Alear – who seems to believe everything they are told at face value – Seadall explains that the moon and the stars are made from the souls of dead people being placed in the night sky. Seadall loves Tarot cards, so you could consider him an expert on the topic, but if that's the case, then it probably would have been mentioned beforehand.

It could be that this is legitimately how the stars and moon came to be in the world of Elyos, or perhaps someone has filled Seadall's head full of nonsense, and he's happily spreading the fake news.

6 Every Royal In Solm Doesn't Care About Ruling

While the writing and dialogue in Fire Emblem Engage aren't some of the best in the series, there are some interesting tidbits of hidden information for the members of the Solm royal family if you listen to their dialogues.

Fogato, Timerra, and Seforia are part of the Solm royal family. Each one of them, at some point, explains how they essentially don't care one way or the other about ruling the kingdom and would much rather go and live the life of an adventurer. Seforia, the current ruler, even goes as far as hinting she hopes the enemy forces claim her castle so she can go out and see the world more.

5 All Characters Have No Sense Of Boundaries

At multiple times in the story of Fire Emblem Engage, our characters show time and again that they have absolutely zero awareness of other people's personal space and boundaries. Case and point, when Alear sleeps in the bed in Somniel, some other character will barge and wake you up in the most alarming way.

This isn't reserved for the freaky and weird wake-up events, either. Seadall fully watches Rosado sleeping and tries to observe his morning routine in their support conversations. It's played off as lighthearted and charming, but it hides a deeper lack of awareness that nearly every character in the world possesses. Maybe the school systems aren't great in Elyos?

4 The Emblems Could Easily Destroy Or Rule The World

This is not really touched upon too much in the game, apart from a few conversations near the end of the story, but it seems like the Emblems could take over the world if they chose to. There are some scenes where a bunch of them talk altogether, without needing to be summoned by someone wearing the ring, and they have a secret society-esque conversation.

It's alarming, to say the least. Who okayed having these all-powerful spirits residing in rings, let alone having them able to turn evil and communicate with each other? They have sentience, which is wrong on so many levels. The Emblems have more sway than is shown, and they seem nefarious for it.

3 The Characters And Their Tropes

Character tropes have always been part of Fire Emblem. You have the small, super strong character; the one who can eat multiple times their body weight; the one obsessed with training; and so on. These details aren't fully apparent when you meet characters in Engage, whereas it was clear from the start in previous games.

The tropes go a little bit deeper and more comical in the Fire Emblem Engage. There is Chloe, the pegasus knight, who can eat and keep down any disgusting food. Then there is Citrinne, who is worried about being canceled for getting her role as a royal retainer through nepotism. And then there is Lapis, who is apparently a professional bear wrestler in her home village due to having multiple bear raids. The list goes on.

2 Alfred’s Backstory (Spoiler)

We are firmly in end-game spoiler territory here, so consider yourself warned. Celine touches upon a small detail about Alfred in her support conversations that he used to be extremely ill. He suffered from sickness and was frail as a child, but Celine explains that he eventually got over it and regained his strength.

The kicker is that at the end of the game, you get a line of text explaining what happened to each character after the events, and it's revealed that Alfred's sickness canonically returns and that his reign is short because he dies early from it. If you don't get the support dialogue about this, you'll probably feel like it came out of left field.

1 Anna From Fire Emblem Awakening And Fates Exist In Engage

As the end credits roll, you'll see multiple images of characters and where they go after the story. One image that appears towards the end of the credits shows Anna running to embrace her family.

What you might notice is that the two people she's running toward are identical to Anna in looks and one of them is wearing the Trickster outfit from Fire Emblem Awakening while the other is wearing Anna's Outlaw outfit from Fates. This could be nothing, or it could be a hint to the fact that the Annas are a dimension-hopping family.

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