A Demon’s Souls Soundtrack Album Launches Later This Month

While a lot of the hype surround the upcoming Demon’s Souls remake is centered on its stunning PS5-powered visuals (and those flashy new omni-directional rolls, of course,) the game’s fantastic music also deserves to be celebrated.

Series fans immediately fell in love with the upcoming PS5 Demon’s Souls remaster at first sight of phenomenal visuals. The realm of Boletaria has never looked so good, and neither have its hideous demonic denizens.

But what of the game’s music? Well, fans are in for a treat: the full soundtrack will be getting a full release this month.

As reported by Eurogamer, the soundtrack will launch on November 26. It will be available digitally only on release, though a physical CD and vinyl is expected (albeit unconfirmed) to follow by the year’s end.

Sony’s official PlayStation YouTube channel has released a video that offers a glimpse into the creation of the game’s score, which was fully orchestrated and recreated from the original. Check it out, along with some thoughts from the score’s producer, Peter Scaturro, right here:

It’s haunting, beautiful, and, like the Untitled Goose Game soundtrack, it’s 100% worthy of a digital and physical release. Fantastic.

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