A Space For The Unbound: How To Make A Shelter For The Stray Cat

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In the first chapter of A Space For The Unbound, Atma and Raya have skipped school and met a stray cat. After successfully rescuing the cat, you will now need to make it a shelter using three different materials.

Here, we are going to go over how to complete the stray cat's shelter, which consists of obtaining the roofing piece, a bowl, and a pillow. Overall, these objectives are quite simple, but you may not know where to look at first. These items can be obtained in any order, but we will be going through them based on how close they are to your starting location. Now, let's take a look at where to find the pillow.


Both of the other materials have already made appearances in the game; you have passed by them at one point. This is not the case for the pillow though.

After you speak with Raya about the cat shelter, head all the way to the left of the field. This is an unexplored area that has a lot of junk. The pillow may be hard to spot at first, so just walk by until you see the interaction bubble appear. Grab the pillow and return to Raya.

You can either give the pillow to her or collect the other items and build the shelter all at the same time.


From the field, exit to the street. Here, you will find an old man who is begging, with a bowl in front of him. If you interact with the bowl, Atma will mention that he shouldn't be putting all of his money here. Instead, you will need to speak to the old man; you will be able to purchase the bowl from him. After offering a large amount of money, the man will mention that he doesn't need that much, and will settle for a lower price.

At this point, you will have a set amount of money, but there are no other places you can spend it at. Basically, the only way to get the bowl is to pay the old man.


Lastly, we have the roof. This section is way back to the graffiti area that you passed through while leaving the school. When you first passed through this area, there was nobody present. Now when you return, there are three students that block the way to the roof pieces.

To get this material, you will need to answer three quiz questions. These questions can be found below.



What date does Indonesia celebrate Independence Day?

August 17th, 1945

What is the scientific term for skin peeling?


Is the bakso in front of the school any good?

It's my favorite.

Once you answer "it's my favorite", the students will leave to try the bakso, allowing you to grab the roof materials. From here, head back to the field with Raya and the cat. On the way here, you will pass by the three students, who mention that the bakso stall is closed.

Completing The Cat Shelter

Now, you just need to put all the materials together. Hand them to Raya, and finish it off by placing cat food in the bowl. The cat will give a happy reaction, and you can now head to the theater to watch a movie with Raya.

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