Abandoned Dev Says He Deleted Tweets Because The Concept Has Changed

Abandoned developer Blue Box deleted most of its tweets relating to the game last week and that lead many to believe that the game had been 'abandoned'. Fitting. But in a recent interview with IGN, director Hasan Kahraman clarified that it's because the concept has changed.

"Basically, the tweets were deleted because some of the concept has changed, and I figured maybe just deleting the tweet and then tweeting more relevant information would be a better idea – which was actually not a good idea," Kahraman told IGN. "I have learned now just to keep them. Even if the information or concept changed, just keep the older information because people will see for themselves what the difference is and then see what's more actual."

Abandoned is a long way off still but Kahraman says that a prologue is underway, and it's not a demo. Reportedly, it'll be a standalone and priced game with trophies that runs around two hours long, setting up the actual main game. But according to DreamcastGuy who claims to have spoken to Kahraman, Blue Box is "out of money" and "years from having the story finished", while the prologue is said to be funding the full game.

As for its pricing, it'll be on the lower end of the scale due to its length, but proceeds are said to be going toward Abandoned's development.

There is a question about Abandoned's legitimacy. The studio has an alleged track record of promising games, releasing broken builds, and then 'abandoning' the projects without a word.

Many believed deleting the tweets was a continuation of this track record with the name 'Abandoned' being a cheeky in-joke, but DreamcastGuy asked Kahraman about these claims and "he acted like it was all a big misunderstanding." If true, Abandoned might be a real project on the horizon, but for now, we'll have to wait for the prologue.

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